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An AED device, also known as an Automated External Defibrillator, is a tool that can be used during CPR when an individual has gone into cardiac arrest. The purpose of an AED device is to help reset the rhythm of the heart so that it can start beating again on its own. CPR classes teach how to use an AED device in addition to AED certification classes. AED first aid training compliments CPR training because there will be times when a victim requires both methods for optimum recovery.  

AED certification teaches us that an AED device can be used on infants, children, and adults. The technique is slightly different and the pads go in different places so learning how to use this piece of lifesaving equipment is important so that you can use it to save a life. The AED devices that used today are made so that anyone who has not ever had training before could use it in the event of an emergency. The AED courses are important because they go into depth on how and why the device is used. When someone has gone into cardiac arrest, that is not the time to figure out how to use one. Having proper training and knowledge on how the devices work ensure that you’ll know what to do if you ever need to jump into action and help someone in need.

One of the most important parts of AED training is knowing where a device is kept. Many states have laws that require large companies to have at least AED on site. These devices are registered with the state. The purpose of the registry is so that if a good Samaritan stopped to render aid, an emergency operator could help the first responder locate an AED machine. For example, if a bystander noticed someone in distress and unconscious, they could call 911 and the 911 operator would be able to the the first responder where the AED device is located. While they start CPR, the first responder would be able to instructor someone to go to the location of the AED device and retrieve it. Working quickly and together as a team benefits the victim and increases their chances of survival.

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