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Venous bleeding occurs when a vein is torn or cut. The blood flow is steady and dark in color unlike arterial bleeding which is bright red and can spurt out with each heartbeat. Venous bleeding can be just as dangerous as arterial bleeding and should be treated immediately to prevent further loss of blood or permanent injury. A first aid AED coursecan help you learn about the different types of bleeding and what to do when you have venous bleeding. First aid AED certification is available for those who want to continue their education.

Bleeding can be treated by applying direct pressure to try to clot the bleeding or a tourniquet can be used in severe bleeding to prevent further loss of blood. First aid and CPR courses can be taken online in your spare time from the comfort of your home for maximum flexibility and convenience with scheduling and work-life balance. If you have already taken first aid courses, first aid certificate renewal courses are available to freshen up on your skills. Knowing how to spot and treat venous bleeding can help save a life. A first aid wallet card can be printed upon completion of your online course for instant gratification and for instant verification of completion of the course.

First aid knowledge and skills can be used by all individuals, especially those that work with children and at schools where accidents happen at higher rates. Parents can benefit from first aid courses as well as caregivers, babysitters, and grandparents. Many employers are seeing the value in having their employees trained in first aid and provide first aid online courses at corporate group rates so that all employees can benefit from this knowledge and skillset. Group certifications ensure that everyone in your department has proper training, and this can provide peace of mind in the work place knowing that your coworkers will be able to take charge of your health, should you ever fall sick or be involved in an accident at work. No one ever plans to be involved in an accident that involves venous bleeding. Having proper training and certification gives you the skills you need to take charge and save a life.

How to Spot Venous Bleeding