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Basic CPR training can help you learn all of the techniques and skills necessary to save someone who has stopped breathing. There are a variety of CPR classes to take and most of the CPR AED First aid certification online programs cover knowledge from all of them. Teenagers enjoy babysitting CPR classes which provides education in child CPR training. There are infant CPR classes that parents often enjoy learning from. There are also more advanced CPR training and techniques to learn for individuals who are wanting to pursue a career in the medical field. Whichever CPR class you choose to take, the reasons for taking them remain the same. Here are three great reasons to learn CPR:

  1. CPR saves lives! CPR is performed on an individual who has stopped breathing to keep oxygen and blood flowing through their organs and brain to maintain vital organ function and to sustain life.  Without CPR, the victim would die.  Learning CPR helps ensure that you have learned the techniques correctly and can calmly handle a medical emergency situation when you may need to save someone in need. 
  2. CPR improves recovery times for the victims! When someone stops breathing, you have an average of four minutes before the organs and brain start to shut down.  The average response time in the United States for an ambulance to arrive at your location after calling  911 is between five and ten minutes, with rural areas taking even longer.  It is easy to see why CPR must be performed and continued until medical emergency help arrives.  Victims who receive CPR have faster recovery times and often suffer from less long term side effects than victims who receive no treatment at all. 
  3. CPR builds confidence and leadership in emergency situations. Basic CPR certification allows you to feel confident and comfortable taking charge of helping someone who has stopped breathing in an emergency situation.  For this reason, it is recommended that you continue to renew your certification each year.  Having gone through the training or refresher courses each year gives you the knowledge you need to make a positive impact in your community.  No one ever plans to be in a medical emergency situation, but if you ever find yourself in one, you’ll know exactly what to do without hesitation. 

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