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ASFA - Personal Training & Fitness Certifications

"ASFA® is proud to endorse MyCPR NOW's mission to provide learning materials and examinations that help inform the general public and certified fitness professionals about the need for CPR & First Aid related knowledge, applications and certification. Any fitness professional with a personal trainer certification or other fitness certification should be CPR/AED qualified."

Berxi - MyCPR NOW partner 

Berxi is proud to partner with MyCPR NOW to offer simple, affordable, and reliable malpractice insurance. Plus, we’re part of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, a name you can trust.”

NFPT - MyCPR Partner

"As a personal trainer certification agency, it is part of our NFPT mission to educate certified personal trainers on safe and effective exercise programming for fitness training clients. With this in mind, CPR/AED and First Aid certifications are a must! We are happy to endorse MYCPR NOW™ as its mission is aligned with ours to equip CPTs to handle emergency situations."

Workouttemps Endorsement of MyCPR NOW™

"WorkoutTemps serves companies of all sizes nationwide with onsite specialty fitness and dance instructors throughout the U.S mainland and Hawaii. As part of our mission to serve our clients it is vital that our instructors are all CPR certified therefore WorkoutTemps has partnered with MyCPR NOW™ as they provide professional, convenient online CPR & First Aid learning materials and examinations." 

No Junk Food Zone - MyCPR NOW Partner
"No Junk Food Zone, LLC is proud to endorse MyCPR NOW's mission to provide easy to learn, practical and actionable knowledge that can help save lives. Their CPR & First Aid learning materials and examinations are all available online, to learn at your own pace. It is perfect for professionals with limited time."