5 Benefits of Knowing First Aid

Have you ever considered getting certified in First Aid, so you could assist your family, friends, co-workers, or even a complete stranger if they were injured and needed assistance until emergency responders could arrive?

First Aid is the basic emergency and immediate care given to a person that is injured until medical treatment can be given by emergency medical technicians or paramedics can arrive on scene.

First Aid for Accidents

Accidents unfortunately happen every day, and when we least expect them. Many illnesses or injuries require immediate care, so being prepared with online First Aid training is a necessity for everyone. People who have training are more likely to assist others during emergency situations. Taking First Aid training, will give you the confidence to remain calm and assess the emergency situation which helps victims relax while their injuries are being treated until emergency personnel can arrive on scene.

Here’s five benefits to learning and being able to administer this critical initial care. 

1. You’ll know how to place a tourniquet and usage for an uncontrollable bleeding victim, bandaging and cleansing procedures for minor scrapes and cuts.

2. Gain confidence of using the Heimlich maneuver for a choking victim.

3. The safest way to place a seizure victim in the recovery position until help can arrive.

4. How to quickly access the scene for safety of the victims.

5. The proper application and removal of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like medical grade gloves and eye protection. 

Now learning the basics of First Aid is easier than ever with online learning opportunities like those offered with MyCPR NOW.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today with MyCPR NOW’s online First Aid certification, you’ll learn the basic of First Aid at your own pace with the easy to follow study manuals.

First Aid Certification

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