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How it Works

MyCPR NOW - How it Works

Getting Started with MyCPR Now™

At MyCPR NOW™ we make our manuals and exams publicly accessible so that you can view all of our material and use it as a reference. Our goal is to give you knowledge. We don't charge you to study our materials or take our exam. After passing our exam, you can choose if MyCPR NOW's certification is right for you. 

To get started with our certification courses, just follow the steps below:

Step 1:

First, choose the course that you would like to study. Once you have reviewed the training manual and feel comfortable, take the exam.

Step 2:

Each exam requires 80% correct answers to pass. You can study and test at your own pace. Our goal is to teach you the correct answers so that you can pass with actionable knowledge.  So, you may study and retest as many times as needed for no additional charge.

Step 3:

When you have passed your exam, you will be emailed your certification.