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CPR Certification

CPR/AED Certification

Learn How to Save a Life

Earn your cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification today! Learn CPR for adults, children and infants. Know compression-to-ventilation ratios, safety considerations and more. 

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CPR/AED Certification Overview

MyCPR NOW's CPR Certification is an essential qualification for individuals seeking to be comprehensively prepared an the event of a cardiac emergency. Are you searching for a convenient way to obtain your CPR certification? MyCPR NOW provides a comprehensive online course ideal for anyone needing to master CPR, with the flexibility to learn at your own pace. You can become certified from home by taking our course and exam, ensuring that you’re ready to confidently handle a cardiac emergency if necessary.

In an unpredictable world with the potential for medical crises, possessing life-saving abilities is of immeasurable value. MyCPR NOW delivers a thorough and cost-effective online CPR training program that offers flexibility, ease-of-use, and round-the-clock availability. This course accommodates various learning preferences while providing individuals and professionals alike with top-notch instruction in CPR techniques as well as AED operation proficiency.

No matter if you are part of the healthcare sector, involved in education or childcare or simply someone eager to acquire skills that could save lives. Investing in a CPR certification can be invaluable. Don’t delay—be certified now and ready yourself to effect positive change when it matters most tomorrow.

MyCPR NOW's CPR Certification

MyCPR NOW presents an online course for CPR certification, which includes a variety of life-saving techniques such as handling sudden cardiac arrests and employing an automated external defibrillator (AED). This CPR/AED training is tailor-made for professionals like healthcare workers, teachers, childcare providers, and first responders who require knowledge in CPR and First Aid due to their professional responsibilities.

Key attributes of MyCPR NOW’s CPR Certification include:

  • The ability to adapt learning according to individual pace preferences
  • Design consideration towards budget-friendliness and flexible scheduling
  • A thorough design that is mobile-friendly and easy to use
  • An emphasis on the practical application of skills during emergencies<
  • Immediate receipt of certification after passing

In spite of its encompassing scope, MyCPR NOW has created a pricing strategy focused on making this essential training both affordable and easily accessible from anywhere – perfect for those looking to enhance their emergency response capabilities from the comfort of their own home.

Course Overview

The online training has been designed for ease of use, with a streamlined process that facilitates smooth navigation. By selecting the ‘Learn the Manual’ option, you’re granted instant access to all necessary online training materials. A handy dropdown menu and intuitive Next and Back controls on every page enable you to progress through the course content according to your personal learning speed.

This CPR training course also offers the flexibility of assessing your acquired knowledge whenever you choose. Should you feel prepared, there’s an opportunity to sit for the CPR certification exam simply by clicking on ‘Test Now’ from any page within the manual.

Course Content and Instructional Design

Students will find the course meticulously structured into well-organized chapters and slides that incorporate a range of learning strategies and multimedia tools to improve grasp and recall of important concepts. For those gearing up for learning CPR training, this program offers flexible access across multiple devices, ensuring an uninterrupted experience with online courses.

The duration of the CPR training is adaptable, depending on each learner’s prior knowledge and pace. Participants are afforded the peace of mind knowing there is no penalty or additional cost for retesting. Unlimited attempts are allowed at no extra fee until successful completion is achieved.

Flexibility and Personalization

MyCPR NOW’s CPR Certification courses stand out due to their adaptability. The training is made from open-source materials, allowing you to take exams without any time constraints. You have the liberty to stop and resume your course whenever suits you best, moving through sections and learning content at a pace that aligns with your schedule.

In an effort to maintain your proficiency in CPR:

  • MyCPR NOW provides round-the-clock availability of study guides and tests
  • There’s unrestricted access to a comprehensive archive of training resources, so you’re always ready
  • Content is routinely reviewed and refreshed, providing the most up-to-date knowledge

Purpose of Taking MyCPR NOW's CPR Course

MyCPR NOW's CPR Certification course is an essential  training program for individuals and employees who seek to be adequately equipped to respond when someone experiences sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). This opportunity to acquire the necessary skills in performing high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and operating an automated external defibrillator (AED) is available not only for healthcare professionals but also for persons at any level.

This all-inclusive training encompasses:

  • Techniques for identifying indicators of cardiac arrest, thereby avoiding unwarranted administration of CPR
  • The tailored approaches needed when assisting different age demographics such as infants, children, and adults
  • Engaging instructional techniques including the use of imagery, presentations and video content which foster participation and enable practical application of acquired knowledge.

Our CPR course distinguishes itself with its educational aspect. It imparts foundational understanding about human anatomy and cardiovascular system functions. This integral part of our curriculum aims at minimizing potential hazards while conducting CPR procedures. You have the convenience to fully engage with this comprehensive course before making any payment. Subsequently enabling you to proceed with your certification examination once ready.

Examination and Certification Process

The examination aims to evaluate your knowledge of crucial subjects through a series of true/false and multiple-choice questions that must be successfully completed. To succeed in the exam, candidates are expected to show proficiency in essential areas such as:

  • The correct ratio for compressions to ventilations
  • Proper compression depth
  • Variations according to different ages
  • Operation of AED equipment
  • Special situations pertaining to CPR/AED
  • Common CPR/AED mistakes

You must obtain at least an 80% grade on this assessment in order to secure certification. If you don’t achieve a passing score on your initial attempt, there is no cause for concern. You are allowed unlimited opportunities to complete the test with success, and you can retake it immediately without any extra costs.

Once you have passed the test successfully, your certificate will be sent by email. From there, you’ll have immediate access through MyCPR NOW’s portal where certificates can be downloaded so that you may print out yours right away. This process is entirely online—it doesn’t fit into anyone’s schedule since it is available round the clock—but it also comes with another benefit. There’s absolutely no fee required until after successful completion of the exam, when certification has been earned.

Renewal of Certification

After finishing your CPR/AED course, the certification you receive will remain valid for one year. To prevent any interruption in your certified status, individuals who have been certified will receive an email reminder before their current certification expires.

To maintain active knowledge and certification each year, those who are certified must undergo retesting. By doing so, you ensure that you’re consistently ready to respond appropriately during emergency situations.

Key Takeaways

  • MyCPR NOW offers convenient and flexible online CPR certification courses tailored for professionals such as healthcare providers and educators, emphasizing affordability and the application of essential emergency skills.
  • Course materials are accessible 24/7, allowing for a self-paced learning experience, supplemented with multimedia aids for enhanced understanding, and offering unlimited attempts at the certification exam without additional fees.
  • Individuals who pass the certification exam receive their certificates via email, with the training covering a range of topics including CPR procedures for different age groups, AED usage, and critical emergency response techniques, all updatable through yearly retesting.

Is CPR Training Right for You?

Our cost-effective CPR certification program encompasses a broad spectrum of training elements including:

  • Techniques for performing CPR on individuals of all ages
  • Key considerations during the process
  • Commonly encountered errors to avoid
  • The operation of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators)
  • Additional relevant topics pertaining to high-quality CPR administration

Gaining proficiency in accurately administering high-quality CPR is crucial, not just for those in the healthcare sector, but also for anyone interested in acquiring these potentially life-saving abilities.

MyCPR NOW has provided certifications to many thousands throughout the United States and internationally. We do recommend verifying any specific requirements of your particular workplace or local regulations before proceeding.

Ultimately, opting into CPR instruction hinges upon your commitment to personal safety and preparedness. Make an informed choice that aligns best with your circumstances regarding undertaking such essential skills development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPR certificate?

A CPR certificate qualifies you to perform life-saving procedures on individuals experiencing cardiac emergencies, such as adults, children, and infants. It involves rescue ventilation and chest compressions to aid those who cannot breathe on their own.

Is BLS the same as CPR?

A certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) is an extensive qualification that encompasses CPR and other vital techniques for saving lives, designed specifically for healthcare professionals and first responders to address a range of emergencies. BLS includes CPR in a healthcare setting as well as outside of one.

Is it hard to learn CPR?

No, learning CPR is not hard and we show both our manuals and exams, prior to purchase, in full transparency. This way CPR knowledge is accessible to anyone, whether they purchase or not.

Is MyCPR NOW's CPR Certification course online?

Certainly, at MyCPR NOW, you have the ability to access an online course for CPR certification whenever it suits your schedule.