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First Aid training online programs are a convenient method for busy individuals to learn critical basic lifesaving skills. First Aid certification online teaches you when First Aid is needed and how to administer First Aid correctly and efficiently to help someone in need. Completing a First Aid course and getting certified can help prevent some of these common mistakes:

1. Use of Ipecac syrup. Ipecac syrup was once used to induce vomiting after a person ingested poison. So many individuals were using the product incorrectly and having medical problems from it that it was no longer recommended after 2003 and no longer manufactured after 2010. Activated charcoal is a more natural solution, but should only be administered after speaking to your doctor or pediatrician, or the Poison Control Center.  

2. Using heat on sprains. Heat can increase swelling when applied to sprains. Ice packs should be used instead and the RICE method should be followed:  Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

3. Putting hot water on frozen skin. Applying hot water to frozen skin can damage the skin. If someone is suffering from hypothermia, it is best to apply warm, not hot water, or try to warm the skin in blankets and towels before taking a hot bath.  

4. Leaving an adhesive bandage on too long.  Most individuals will coat a minor wound with healing ointment and will cover with an adhesive bandage. Keeping the bandage on too long will keep the wound wet and it will be unable to heal properly. It is best to keep the wound dry to promote proper healing.

5. Using petrolatum based products likepetroleum jelly to treat a burn. Using greasy and oil based substances should not be used on burns as they can keep the heat in and can make the burn hurt more. Cool water should be used on minor burns and the area should be kept dry and wrapped loosely to promote healing.  

These are just a few mistakes that individuals make when trying to apply First Aid without training. There are many more First Aid skills to learn that are covered when taking an online First Aid certification course. Accredited online CPR and First Aid certification courses can increase your confidence in knowing what to do in the event of any medical emergency.

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