5 Good Reasons to Know First Aid

Accidents and unforeseen situations can come anytime, meaning it’s best if we are ready to tackle such situations. One way to do that is knowing first aid. If you ask any person who has completed a first aid training program ‘whether it was worth it?’, the typical answer you will receive from them is yes!

Want to know why? If you’re still in two minds, here are five important reasons to know first aid.

Concept of First Aid
The immediate medical attention that prevents a situation from worsening and can save a person’s life is called first aid. The name suggests emergency assistance given to an injured or sick person after an incident occurs. Before the trained medical assistant arrives at the location, the first responders around the injured or ill person are supposed to give first aid. The primary emergency protocols that must be followed when an injury occurs come under first aid. From wound care to resuscitation, everything is included in first aid.

Why Should You Know First Aid Techniques?
The importance of first aid is undoubted, and everyone should know at least basic first aid so as to save more lives who suffer due to the increasing number of accidents happening today.

  1. First Aid Does More Than Saving Lives
    Having knowledge of first aid indeed helps save lives. But, that’s not all though; giving immediate and appropriate first aid can save the patient from having a temporary or long-term disability and help the person recover soon. You can learn to stay calm in emergencies. This training will make you more effective and in control in case of an emergency. You will know all the simple and difficult acronyms that help you recall the steps of giving first aid.
  2. Reduced Recovery Time
    Lack of first aid can lead to death, but even if the life is saved, the person could deal with a longer recovery time. For example, suppose somebody is bleeding from a wound and first aid is not immediately available. In that case, the person will suffer from substantial blood loss and lowered blood pressure, which may lead to the beginning of organ failure. Knowledge of stopping the bleeding and dressing the wound on the spot can help for easier and faster recovery. Remember, first-aid should not be attempted without proper understanding of the procedures; it may cause adverse consequences.
  3. Boosts Your Confidence and Gives Peace of Mind
    Basic first aid knowledge makes you confident in your skills and abilities in first aid administration. Understanding the procedure through proper training will boost your confidence in day-to-day emergencies. Your fear of such medical emergencies gets significantly reduced. We face many unexpected events in our life which are completely out of our control. Many people are worried about something happening to themselves or their family members. Knowing first aid reduces this anxiety and gives you peace of mind.
  4. Prevents Risks and Promotes Safety
    When somebody gets injured, there are chances of infection through wounds. Things become worse if there is no immediate medical help around. You can avoid infection and promote healing with the right training and emergency kit. Prevention is the base of first aid training that helps reduce risks. A sense of safety and well-being can be heightened among people with the knowledge.
  5. Tackling Uncertainty of Accidents
    An accident is always unplanned and can happen at any time, anywhere. You can be at home, driving in your car, playing a sport, or even at work when such misfortune may strike. The injuries caused by accidents, such as wounds, fractures, and crush injuries, can be pretty severe. To tackle the uncertainty of accidents, it is always better to be prepared with First Aid Training.

Even if you have ignored the importance of knowing first aid techniques to date, you are now aware of how essential it is. You can learn first aid techniques with My CPR NOW and get certified easily. We have various certification programs for first aid, which you can opt for and save the lives of your loved ones and other people around you in emergencies. 

5 Good Reasons to Know First Aid
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