Advanced First Aid Training–Save a Life!

Taking an Advanced First Aid course online can teach you the basic lifesaving skills you need to help save a life when someone is in need. Advanced First Aid training online is the perfect solution for those that are too busy to find time to attend a traditional classroom-styled training course. Taking First Aid training online saves time and money and is convenient and easy.

Basic First Aid training teaches you about CPR and AED certification online programs and how to do them correctly and when they might be needed. Advanced First Aid training goes more in depth about different First Aid situations such as how to take a pulse and various medical conditions that you might encounter. Traumatic injuries are taught in more detail and how to handle emergency situations. Minor injuries are explained with more real life situations, such as nose bleeds, insect bites, and dog bites, and common ways to treat them. 

In addition to standard CPR that is taught in a basic First Aid training class, Advanced First Aid training covers all the levels of CPR and AED training. Level A is also known as standard First Aid. This is the most commonly taught CPR and First Aid skills. Anyone that works in a daycare, police or firefighter, construction, lifeguard, nursing students, and community services are all trained in basic CPR and AED skills. CPR level B is First Aid training for children.  CPR level C combines both adult and pediatric First Aid training. CPR level HCP is reserved exclusively for health care professionals.

CPR and AED training online gives you an opportunity to broaden your knowledge, learn a new skill, the opportunity and skills to save someone’s life, and to better your own career with valuable training. 

With so many companies putting health first and making personal health a priority, having a certification in advanced First Aid training makes you an asset to any company. Many companies urge their employees to take First Aid training online and will often pay for their employees to have that type of training or provide the opportunity to take the training at a discounted rate. Advanced First Aid training saves lives and can be taken by anyone in any profession. 

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