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Those who have ever been certified in something must know that it is either a lifetime certification or one with validity. Have you ever wondered why these two types of certifications exist and why not all certificates come with lifetime validity? The reason is very simple; the courses you do that are static in nature provide lifetime certification.

On the other hand, the courses related to technology or health, where knowledge needs to be up to date, require renewal of certification. When we talk about a course like BLS or CPR, they are crucial since they deal with people's lives. Therefore, there is a strong need to revise what you have learned initially and learn about the latest rules and regulations related to the BLS or CPR.

In this article, we will learn more about BLS and CPR and how recertification differs from initial certification.

 Basic Life Support – BLS

Primary medical care and help provided to a person in need or a victim of an accident or disease until full medical care becomes available is referred to as BLS. Every healthcare professional and public safety official has to be trained and certified in BLS. The life-saving techniques that fall under BLS are necessary for these people since it is a part of their routine work.

 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – CPR

It is a technique used to help a victim of sudden cardiac arrest, through which blood flow is maintained to vital organs. CPR involves chest compressions and ventilations that are necessary to support the needy person for survival. This technique is administered differently for infants, children, and adults. Learning to use an Automated External Defibrillator device can be of great help along with CPR.

 BLS/CPR Certification

Every job in the healthcare industry compulsorily asks for this certification as a basic requirement. All these professionals get certified in BLS/CPR by taking up courses and learning the techniques. Having this knowledge and training in these skills helps these professionals in their jobs. People other than healthcare professionals can also learn these techniques by taking up these courses. MyCPR NOW offers online classes and certification for everyone to allow convenience and comfort in learning BLS/CPR.

Online Renewal for BLS/CPR

When we talk about the renewal of certification, it focuses on those people who are already certified. Once they complete their initial certification, it comes with validity. Before the expiry of this certification, these people are required to start the renewal process.

These people work in fluctuating shifts and can hardly manage time for themselves. This online certification and recertification provision helps them complete necessary tasks without taking out separate time for certification. They can take the renewal classes and exams at their convenience and get recertified online.

Comparison Between Certification and Recertification

The following are some of the factors based on which we can compare these two:


The experience level of the person getting certified differs in the case of certification and recertification. The person getting initial certification may not be experienced, but the person getting recertified always has more experience.


The time required for initial certification is more than the time required for recertification. This is quite obvious because you have to learn everything in detail initially, whereas a revision is sufficient for getting recertified.

Course Content

The topics you learn in both cases will be the same, but the content's structure and depth will differ in each case. It has a direct relation to the time required for certification and recertification.


While comparing the costs, you will find that the costs for getting recertified are much lesser than the costs for getting initial certification.

We can conclude by saying that renewing your BLS/CPR certification is as equally important as getting your initial certification. Both initial certifications and recertification can be done online at your convenience.

You can opt for these health-related certifications with MyCPR NOW. Our well-designed courses are available for all! You only pay if you pass the test and want the certificate. Let’s make saving a life a little easier!


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