Child CPR Certification: Know What to Do

Imagine that you are in the park for a daily walk or jog. As you pass near a playground where children are out enjoying the day playing happily in the sunshine, all of a sudden you hear a scream and see a mother running toward her unresponsive child on the ground. What would you do? Do you know how to respond and provide assistance?

Emergency situations can be an overwhelming experience for anyone whether you are the parent of an injured child or a bystander. Unfortunately, many times when there is an emergency, the response is to wait for help to arrive. However, there are online CPR training programs, like those offered by MyCPR NOW, available to prepare you with basic skills to respond to these types of emergency situations.  

CPR helps to keep a person's precious blood and oxygen flowing throughout their bodies, greatly increasing their chances of survival for those who suffer cardiac arrest.

One option is to complete a CPR course online with training resources, like easy-to-follow manuals and videos. Some CPR online training includes a series of videos of CPR along with practical application and an online exam at the completion of the course. Some of the topics that will be covered in an online CPR course, and more specifically when assisting an unresponsive child will be instruction like hand placement, compression rate, compression depth, ventilation rate, and one rescuer versus two rescuer operations. Online certification for CPR has quickly become a preferred choice for individuals who seek the training and knowledge associated with CPR. It is even possible to complete a renewal CPR online course when the time calls for it.  

One of the empowering benefits of CPR is the fact that it can be learned by anybody and performed by anyone with proper training at anytime.
So make the commitment to learn the CPR tools that will give you the knowledge and confidence to become a lifesaver rather than a bystander. Click below to learn more and get started today!

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