CPR/AED + First Aid Group Discount Pricing

The number of deaths due to lack of emergency care in the United States indicates the importance of more people learning basic life support skills. These life-saving skills help save the lives of people around you in emergencies. You can learn these skills online as well at MyCPR NOW for free. You only need to pay for certification after passing the test for that particular course.

To create a safer living, we want more certified emergency care providers. And hence we offer group discount pricing when you take courses with your family or friends. Continue reading to understand these concepts and how you can avail of group discount pricing.


Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR is a technique to save the life of a person suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. Learning this skill is mandatory for first responders and healthcare professionals. However, any common person can also learn this to protect others around them. It involves chest compressions and ventilations that are provided to the victim. CPR is provided differently to different people based on their age as infants, children, and adults.

An Automated External Defibrillator or AED is a device that checks cardiac rhythms. It is also used to administer shock to restore a normal heartbeat when necessary. These devices are commonly available in public places, large buildings, and offices. Learning to use AED devices is a part of this course. Similar to CPR, AED is also administered differently for people of different age groups.

First Aid

From the name, you can correctly guess that it is the immediate help and primary medical care provided to the victim in an emergency such as an accident or other disease. In many cases, first aid prevents various infections and other consequences of medical emergencies. Learning to provide first aid professionally will help boost your confidence in handling emergencies. You can learn first aid along with CPR and AED.

Learning with Family or Friends

Since this article speaks about group learning, the first options that come to our mind are family members or a group of friends. Willingness to learn these life-saving techniques is a good thing to follow. You can create awareness about these techniques among your family members and friends and ask them to join you for this course. If you are a student, you can create a group of classmates willing to take this course. Working professionals can join this course with their colleagues.

Group Discount Pricing

We are happy to offer group discount pricing to all groups interested in availing of any of our courses and getting certified. Group discount pricing is not only a monetary benefit but also a motivation to learn these life-saving skills. Furthermore, we can create a safer social environment by providing knowledge of these techniques to more people.

How to Avail Discounted Pricing?

Those of you who are interested in taking these courses and getting certified in groups can easily avail discounted pricing at MyCPR NOW. First, decide on your group and fill up the necessary information in the group discount request form on our website. Then, you can get a custom quote by providing us with the following details – the course/certification your group wants to take, the number of members in your group, whether you want pocket cards, and your email address on which you want the discount quote to be sent. Once you receive the quote, you can discuss it among the group members and enroll with us.

As mentioned, everyone can learn these life-saving skills and boost their self-confidence to tackle emergencies. If you are interested in taking these courses in groups, get the customized quote by following the above mentioned process. Then, contact us at MyCPR NOW to avail group discount pricing and save lives by learning these techniques.

CPR/AED + First Aid Group Discount Pricing
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