CPR and First Aid Class: Why Are They Important?

CPR and First Aid classes teach important basic lifesaving skills that everyone should have knowledge of in case you are ever in an emergency situation. No one ever plans to be in an emergency situation or plans for accidents to happen.  Knowing what to do and how to do it correctly can help save a life. CPR and First Aid classes can be taken to earn a certification in these BLS, or Basic Life Support skills. CPR and First Aid certification online programs can be used in place of a traditional classroom-styled class to earn your certification.

CPR and First Aid online classes provide a convenient option for busy individuals to learn how to perform CPR or administer First Aid correctly. CPR is performed on someone who is unconscious or unresponsive and who is not breathing or not breathing normally. It is common for some individuals who are experiencing cardiac arrest to take occasional gasps, but this is not considered normal breathing and CPR must be administered. 

CPR training is important so that you know how to perform CPR correctly to make it effective. Chest compressions have to be performed at the correct rate of speed and must use the correct depth during compressions to keep blood pumping throughout the body. CPR should be administered until the paramedics or emergency help arrives or until the person has regained consciousness. If there are other people around you who are trained in CPR, you can take turns performing the compressions and counting so that you do not tire out before help arrives. Performing CPR on someone is their lifeline and can greatly increase their rate of survival. Doing something as simple as taking and completing a CPR first aid online class can truly mean life and death for whomever you get to help.  Did you know that CPR on an adult is performed differently than on an infant? Knowing what to do and how to do it correctly is important when trying to save someone who needs CPR performed.

One of the more common First Aid skills you will learn when taking CPR First Aid classes online is how to help someone who is choking. Knowing what to do in a panicked situation can help calm people as you render aid. BLS, or basic life support skills for choking varies from adult to infant. Modifications also need to be made if your person is too big for you to wrap your hands around their waist or if your person is pregnant. These are all topics that are addressed and mastered when you take a BLS First Aid class. Some classes will even teach you how to help yourself if you are choking and you are alone with no one nearby to help you. Bleeding and wound care is also addressed in First Aid classes so you can help someone in an emergency situation and keep them stable until emergency help arrives. CPR and First Aid classes save lives, build confidence, and helps build community.


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