CPR Certification: Your Life May Depend on It!

Take a second and imagine you are out with your spouse or loved one, maybe out enjoying dinner, movie, hike, or a concert. Then when you are walking hand and hand back to your vehicle, you feel a sudden sharp, stabbing type pain in your chest with the pain radiating throughout your body. You become paralyzed in pain to the point that you hunch over, are clutched over and then lay on the ground in a fetal position, with your loved one shouting “Are you okay?” and “Someone please help!” You black out.

When you awake, you are surrounded by doctors, nurses, and paramedics in the local hospital emergency room wondering what happened. Your loved one informs you went into cardiac arrest and fortunately a bystander with basic CPR training stepped in while others notified emergency services. Afterwards your family member emotionally explains how helpless they felt by not knowing CPR or what to do in an emergency situation, and is so thankful for the individual who came along and knew what to do providing CPR until emergency medical technicians could arrive on-scene.

This may sound like a scary scenario, but all too often it is a realistic one and frightening when no one around knows what to do. Yet, there is now more available online CPR or Basic Life Support (BLS) certification courses for potential students to access for the knowledge, skills, abilities, and certification.  Basic Life Support skills or BLS is a style of course that incorporates CPR, AED, and Heimlich Maneuver skills training. Online BLS certification courses address the questions of “What is the cardiovascular system?”, “How does the CPR process work?”, and “What can one do to help?”. A good starting place is to access a practice CPR online test, CPR study guide, or practice online BLS exam to get familiar with basic emergency care procedures. Some BLS courses will offer a series of videos and easy-to-follow manuals which address the objectives for completion of the course. 

With MyCPR NOW’s online certification, you have to prepare at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home or office, and also can retest as many times as you need. So advance your skills and training so you can be prepared when an emergency strikes!

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