CPR Group Discounts – Don't Miss Out!

CPR group discounts can help businesses save lives and save money. Professional business quotes are available for companies that have groups of employees that are seeking CPR certification. CPR pro training is available online so that all of your employees have access to eCPR certification without having to take the time to drive all over town looking for a trainer. The benefits of having employees that completed first aid and CPR courses are numerous!

Employees that work at an office where their coworkers have completed first aid at work online and CPR certifications feel empowered with knowledge of BLS (basic life support) skills. They can go to work each day and feel confident that if something should happen, their coworkers would know exactly what to do to help provide aid and save a life.

Some common health complications that may come up if you work in a large office building:  someone could choke at lunch, would you know what to do? Group CPR classes cover CPR and commonly used techniques such as the Heimlich maneuver. If someone goes into cardiac arrest, do you know what to do?  Do you know where the AED is located at your office? Group CPR classes covers proper CPR techniques as well as how and when to use an AED device. If someone needs CPR but you do not feel comfortable giving mouth-to-mouth CPR breathes, do you know how to administer chest compression only CPR? Group CPR classes help keep you up to date on current CPR trends and recommendations so that you can keep your friends and family safe.

CPR knowledge can also be applied in the community and at home. Did you know that CPR techniques are different for infants, children, and adults? Learning CPR and getting CPR certified teaches you all of the different ways to do CPR for all age ranges. This information and knowledge is great for any parent, grandparent, teacher, babysitter, preschool attendant, neighbor, and friend.  Nobody ever plans to be part of a medical emergency situation. With proper training and certification, you’ll know exactly what you do when the time comes for you to be the hero. Make an impact in your community today and purchase group CPR classes for your staff.

CPR & First Aid Certifications
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