CPR Group Discounts - We've Got You Covered!

MyCPR NOW offers high-quality course materials and certifications that enable anyone to jump in an emergency and save the life of a victim. The manuals and assessments for MyCPR NOW were created by and approved by first responders. Before you make a purchase, we show you the materials and tests. Regardless of whether people purchase or not, everyone has access to this information.

By letting you see the handbook and the exam before you take the test or pay for it, MyCPR NOW makes learning simple. The best thing is that you can also avail group discounts so that you can help enlightening more people!

How We Operate

  • Just provide us the names of everyone in your organization, and we'll take care of the rest.
  • We set up every course and handle student enrollment.
  • We set up accounts to provide each group member with their own access.
  • We notify you when group member renewal is required.
  • Users in your group receive specialized technical support from us directly.

First Aid and CPR Certification

We provide management and group training for first aid and CPR certification. Your complete staff certifications can be set up and managed by our group. Choose between online CPR classes, online first aid courses, or a CPR and first aid course combination.

How To Enroll In A CPR Course Online?

You can take online CPR certification courses using your computer or a mobile device instead of attending a physical class. It's simple to sign up for and complete online CPR courses. Most online courses also offer the option for students to email or video chat with the instructor to ask questions.

The content and lesson plans of online CPR certification courses are divided into interactive modules or lessons that you can study in whatever sequence you like. Internet CPR courses provide:

  • Written content
  • Textbook that students can print
  • Illustrations
  • Videos for guidance
  • Make sure you understand each lesson's principles by answering the interactive questions
  • There are several practice questions after each module or lesson.

You can choose to take your time and complete the modules one at a time, looking over the readings and courses as many times as necessary. Online CPR classes cover the same material as those offered in person. In addition, there are numerous accredited organizations that have created video-based training, regardless of whether students attend the classes in person or electronically (online). This ensures that everyone who enrolls in the course receives identical course materials, irrespective of how they access them.

Benefits Of Signing Up For Our CPR and First Aid Courses Online

You have the freedom to determine how soon you complete the classes and courses because they are self-paced. You can start and stop your workout at any time. You can take your time and complete the course over weeks or months, or you may choose to complete all the modules and tests at once. You are free to choose. Online courses allow you to pause videos, access course content frequently, and view them again until you understand the material thoroughly.

A Little More About First Aid And CPR

When the heart or breathing stops, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) can be applied to save a life. CPR assists in maintaining blood and oxygen flow to the brain and other vital organs, while a person might be dying until emergency medical personnel arrive to provide medical assistance.

About 350,000 cardiac arrests (in which a person's heart stops beating) occur annually in the United States outside of hospitals. Sadly, only 50% of people who experience cardiac arrest receive CPR before help arrives. However, when CPR is started within the first few minutes following cardiac arrest, the likelihood of survival can be increased by two or even three times.

With our certifications, you get the hand-son knowledge about how to help adults, kids, and even pets. The crucial skills acquired during the course will be reviewed at its conclusion. We will also discuss compression-only CPR and any unique situations. So, why not be a responsible human and get certified to save lives?

You can check out our certifications and group discounts to avail the best of everything!

CPR Group Discounts - We've Got You Covered!
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