CPR Online Test – Check Your Knowledge

CPR online tests are a great way to check your knowledge of basic life support, or BLS. CPR training covers not only CPR but AED information and application as well. CPR/AED lesson plans cover infant, children, and adult applications and have additional supplementation which covers BLS for healthcare providers. Learning CPR can help ensure you know what to do in a medical emergency. CPR certifications help save lives.

CPR online programs provide an opportunity for busy individuals to get the training they need when it is convenient for them to do so. With the click of a button, anyone over the age of 18 can get certification in CPR from any location where they have internet access. CPR and First Aid recertification online programs are also available for those whose certification is nearing expiration. Yearly CPR online training and testing can help make sure you don’t lose any of that life saving knowledge you worked hard to earn. Many corporations are realizing the value of having their employees certified in CPR training. Having informed staff who can react calmly and knowledgeably in a medical emergency is an invaluable asset for companies.   

CPR classes online BLS provide real life scenarios that help you apply your knowledge in real life settings so you will know how to apply functional and appropriate assistance. Online CPR classes also keep you up to date on current trends and information in the fields of CPR and BLS. For example, did you know that many people who know how to perform CPR do not perform CPR because they are scared of contracting an illness if they have to come into contact with blood or other bodily fluids? This can apply to victims of a car accident or heavy machinery accident. New CPR guidelines state that if it is not safe for the first responder to administer CPR using breaths, you can perform just chest compressions continuously without worrying about counting until paramedics arrive. Continuous chest compressions help keep oxygen pumping through the body and help to keep major organs functioning thus sustaining life. 

CPR training  can be taken online to test your knowledge and get certifications in BLS.  Save a life and keep your loved ones safe with CPR training and certifications, click below to get started today!


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