First Aid Certification: Exploring Its Many Benefits

First aid certification is a must-have for anyone who works in a professional capacity. Not only does it provide you with the skills necessary to administer basic first aid, but it also gives you an edge over other job candidates. There are two levels of first aid certification: Basic and Standard. The basic level focuses on treating injuries such as lacerations and cuts; the standard level includes additional training such as recognizing and treating shock or burns.

It can help you stand out in the workplace

First aid certification is a great way to stand out in the workplace. You can use it as a way to get promoted, get a job, and even receive raises. It's also helpful when it comes time for performance reviews because it shows that you're dedicated and interested in improving yourself at work.

Having first aid skills means that when an injured person needs help, you'll be able to provide assistance until medical help arrives (or until the injured person is stable enough that they don't need any more assistance). This will save lives! And if nothing else happens during your career but this one heroic act--saving someone's life--then all that time spent studying will have been worth it!

You might be able to save someone's life

Are you interested in helping people? Do you want to be able to save a life, or at least help someone get better? First aid certification may be the right way for you to go. You could be the first person on the scene when an emergency happens, and your quick response might make all the difference for the person involved. It's also possible that becoming certified in first aid, it will open doors for professional opportunities--perhaps even promotions or raises!

In addition to these benefits of certification:

  • It shows that you are willing to learn new skills (and other things). This can make employers more likely to hire and promote certified workers over those who aren't certified because they know there is less risk involved with hiring them; after all, if something goes wrong during an assignment then having someone who knows what they're doing around could mean saving time or money!
  • Many employers offer tuition reimbursement programs as well as discounts on classes through third-party providers such as VITA/VITA PLUS Networking Programs so check out our "How To Enroll" section below before enrolling anywhere else!!

You may qualify for a discount on your health insurance premiums

If you're looking for a way to save on your health insurance premiums, a first aid certification could do the trick. People who hold a basic life support (BLS) certificate may qualify for discounts ranging from 5% to 20%. That's right: up to 20% off!

But here's the catch: These discounts aren't available to everyone. In order for them to work their magic and lower your monthly payment, they need two things: 1) Your plan must be through an HMO or PPO network; 2) You must carry at least one BLS-certified member of staff with you at all times during business hours--and some insurance companies require more than one certified person if there are more than 10 employees working at any given time.

It shows a willingness to help others in times of need

First aid certification shows that you are willing to help others in times of need and can serve as an excellent resume builder for those who want to work in the medical field.

First aid certification teaches you how to help someone who is injured, what to do if you are injured yourself, what to do if you are a bystander, and where to find first aid resources such as 911 services or hospitals. It also teaches basic CPR techniques so that anyone can learn how to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on an unconscious person until they receive professional medical treatment from paramedics or other emergency responders on the scene (or at least until they regain consciousness).

Having this certification is important

First aid certification is important for many reasons. It can help you stand out in the workplace, and it could even save someone's life someday. Here are some of the most important benefits of having first aid certification:

  • Having this certification might make you more marketable when looking for jobs or promotions at work.
  • First aid skills are useful in many different fields, including healthcare and construction/maintenance work. For example, if someone gets hurt while working on a construction site, they may need immediate attention from a nearby worker who has taken an online course in CPR or basic first aid techniques. Even if there isn't anyone around who knows how to perform these procedures correctly (or at all), having taken an online course will show others that you're willing and able to help anyone who needs assistance during an emergency situation--and that could mean saving lives!


First Aid Certification is a valuable certification that you can use to advance your career and work in a safer environment. It can also help you get better pay, promotions, and more job security.


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