First Aid for Man’s Best Friend

Canine CPR certification courses are available online and help provide training on how to give first aid to man’s best friend. Canine CPR classes are beneficial for any dog owner and can be used on all sizes and breeds of dog. Our furry friends rely on us for care and when they are in an emergency situation, we may be relied upon to help sustain life. Taking a basic CPR class for dogs will be a certification that you will never regret learning.

Animal CPR classes help you learn how to perform CPR the right way so that you can help sustain life until you are able to get emergency medical care for your furry friend. Small dogs and large dogs can both benefit from CPR, but the technique is different based on their size. When providing 1st aid and CPR to a small dog, it is important when giving breaths to hold the mouth closed firmly, but not tight.  Your mouth goes over the nose and mouth to provide a breath. Holding the mouth closed firmly will ensure that the breath you breathe into the dog does not come right out the mouth. You should be able to see the chest rise which each breathe.  On larger breed dogs, hold the mouth closed firmly and only breathe a breath into the nose.  You should be able to see the chest rise as well. Dogs should be placed on their side to perform chest compressions.  You should perform thirty chest compressions for every two rescue breaths. Check for breathing every two minutes.

Animal CPR Certification can help give you a peace of mind knowing that you will be able to save your pet if something should happen. Canine CPR and first aid courses also provide a great overview on how to treat a variety of first aid ailments such as if you dog eats something toxic or if they have an encounter with a poisonous animal. First aid courses for pets also cover what to do if they should get injured or hit by a car. Learning first aid and CPR for pets helps makes you a responsible pet owner.

Pet CPR & First Aid Certifications
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