First Aid – Get to know your kit

 When thinking about a First Aid kit keep in mind that everyone should have a kit available to them in their professional and personal lives for unknown emergency incidents that could arise. If you do not have one available, then advocate for one to become available or provide one yourself.  First-Aid kits provide the equipment necessary to begin addressing needs for minor or major injuries.  There are preset available kits that are certified, if you choose to obtain one versus creating your own. Some things to consider having in a First-Aid kit are items such as tweezers, medical tape, scissors, bleeding control devices or bandages, and medical gloves. 

There may be several different uses for the equipment found within a First Aid kit. A good example of this would be when bandaging a wound site, having bandages and tape available in a First Aid kit allows the rescuer to begin to apply direct pressure to any wound site on a victim for bleeding control purposes. This gives the victim more survival time until licensed medical professionals such as paramedics become available. Remember that in all incidences you may be involved with, it is strongly recommended and encouraged to apply medical gloves  over your hands before touching anything that could be considered potentially infectious, such as blood or other bodily fluids.

Online training like MyCPR Now are available for individuals who choose to obtain the education required for certification. The time you spend today learning, preparing, and testing in First Aid, could save a life tomorrow!

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