First Aid: What Would You Do If…?

It is a beautiful, sunny afternoon. People of all ages are out enjoying themselves. Some are walking on the trails, some are enjoying a picnic lunch, others are playing softball. On most days all goes well. Everyone is safe. But it doesn’t always happen that way!

Suddenly there is a call for help. Someone watching the ball game has been hit with a foul ball. Or someone has fallen, and their leg is bleeding.

Calling 911 is a basic first action, but prior to professional help arriving there are many steps that can be taken. Are you the one who can provide that care when it is most needed? Have you taken the time to learn basic first-aid skills?

Someone needs to know what to do. Make that someone be you! Taking a class to know the first basic steps to take in an emergency situation can make all the difference. Knowing where to locate a first-aid kit is ideal.  Most first-aid kits can conveniently fit in the glove box of your car.  With that in hand, you are ready to provide the care when it is most needed, within the first minutes after an emergency! You need to calmly and knowledgeably come forward to give aid, be sure to check the scene carefully and always remember to protect yourself.

It is your choice. You can learn first-aid skills online. Learning basic first aid skills, bleeding control, proper use of protective gear including the wearing of gloves and the correct way to remove them are very important not only to the victim, but also yourself. Empower yourself with the required knowledge and be prepared for the unexpected.

Again, it’s up to you! The victim could be a friend, a family member or a total stranger that needs help. You can make the difference. Gaining the knowledge and ability to help those in need can be obtained easily and cost-effectively. Doing so will provide you with the confidence and skill to provide what is needed. 

Are you ready? Click below to get certified today!


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