First Aid: Why Every Parent Should Know It

CPR and first aid online courses make it easy for anyone to gain knowledge and skills in basic lifesaving skills, or BLS. CPR and first aid certification classes are also available online for the most flexibility with busy schedules or those who work full time and are unable to attend a traditional classroom styled training course. First aid skills are something that everyone can benefit from. With children being more prone to accidents, bumps, and bruises, first aid is something that every parent should know. Here are some points to consider about first aid and parenting:

  1. CPR and first aid certification for childcare is different than CPR and 1st aid for adults. Hand placement for CPR chest compressions and the depth of chest compressions for infants and children are different than basic training that is taught for adults. Knowing the difference and knowing how to use each technique appropriately can help significantly improve survival rates and recovery times on child who are require first aid or CPR.
  2. Children have higher risks of choking as they learn proper oral motor skills and experiment with different textures of food. Infants will explore their environment by mouthing objects which can pose a higher risk for choking. CPR and choking class are included with first aid certifications.
  3. Children fall a lot when learning to walk as they work to improve their stability and balance. Warm compresses and cold compresses are used on bumps and bruises. Would you know when to use each one? First aid courses can help you learn how to use compresses correctly to give aid to a child with minor injuries.
  4. Children are more sensitive to climate and temperature changes. Hypothermia and heat exhaustion can pose serious threats to children when doing outdoor sports and activities. Do you know the signs of hypothermia and heat exhaustion? Would you know what to do if your child was showing any signs of hypothermia or heat exhaustion? Basic first aid courses cover those topics and classes that are meant for parents have more emphasis on pediatric first aid. These skills build confidence and provide peace of mind to parents knowing you’ll be prepared for any emergency your child has.

First Aid Certifications

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