How Often Should You Refresh Your CPR Skills?

Why Refreshing CPR Skills Matters:

1. Updated Guidelines:

2. Skill Retention:

3. Changing Circumstances:

4. Enhanced Effectiveness:

How Often Should You Refresh Your CPR Skills:

1. Every Year:

2. Occupation Requirements:

3. Guideline Changes:

4. Personal Confidence:

Types of CPR Training:

1. In-Person Classes:

2. Online Courses:

3. Blended Learning:

Conclusion: A Lifelong Commitment to Lifesaving

CPR proficiency is an ongoing commitment. Regular refreshers are essential to staying capable and confident during emergencies. Remaining updated with current guidelines and consistently practicing your skills enhances your ability to make a life-saving impact. Whether you opt for in-person sessions, online courses, or a combination, the goal remains the same: to be poised and prepared when seconds count.

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