Making CPR Training Affordable: A Guide to Group Discounts

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving technique that can make a significant difference in emergency situations. Whether you are an organization, a healthcare facility, or a community group, obtaining CPR certification is crucial. CPR training providers understand the importance of making training accessible and affordable, which is why many offer group discounts. In this article, we will explore the benefits of group CPR training, discuss how to find group discounts, and highlight MyCPR NOW as a leading provider that offers cost-saving options for groups.

  1. The Benefits of Group CPR Training:

Group CPR training offers several advantages over individual training, including:

  • Cost Savings: Group discounts make CPR training more affordable for organizations and groups. By training multiple individuals at once, providers can offer reduced rates per participant.
    • Efficiency: Training multiple individuals in a group setting saves time and allows for streamlined instruction and practice sessions.
      • Teamwork: Group training provides an opportunity for participants to practice CPR techniques on each other, fostering teamwork and collaboration.
        • Consistent Training: Group training ensures that all participants receive the same standardized training, promoting a consistent level of knowledge and skills within the organization or group.
          1. Finding Group Discounts:
          • Research Online:

            Start by researching CPR training providers online. Look for providers that explicitly mention group discounts or offer discounted rates for multiple participants. Visit their websites or contact their customer service to inquire about group pricing.

            • Reach Out to Local Providers:

              Contact local CPR training providers in your area and inquire about group discounts. They may have specific packages or rates for organizations or groups seeking CPR certification.

              • Professional Associations:

                Check with professional associations relevant to your industry or organization. These associations often have partnerships with CPR training providers and may offer information about group discounts available to their members.

                • Networking:

                  Reach out to other organizations or groups in your community that have previously undergone CPR training. Ask them about their experience and if they received any group discounts. They might be able to provide recommendations or referrals to training providers that offer discounted rates.

                  1. MyCPR NOW: Affordable Group CPR Training
                  • MyCPR NOW:

                    MyCPR NOW is a reputable provider that offers comprehensive CPR training for groups at affordable rates. They understand the importance of making CPR training accessible and provide options specifically designed for organizations and groups.

                    • Customized Group Training:

                      MyCPR NOW offers customized group training options to meet the specific needs of your organization or group. They can accommodate both on-site and online training, tailoring the program to your requirements.

                      • Flexible Learning Options:

                        MyCPR NOW provides flexible learning options, including online courses and blended learning (combining online modules with in-person skills sessions). This flexibility allows your group members to choose the most convenient and accessible method for their CPR training.

                        • Cost-Saving Group Discounts:

                          MyCPR NOW offers competitive group pricing options, ensuring that CPR training remains affordable for organizations and groups. By taking advantage of their group discounts, you can maximize your training budget and provide life-saving CPR certification to more individuals within your organization or group.

                          1. The Importance of CPR Training:

                          CPR training is a crucial skill that can save lives in emergency situations. By investing in group CPR training and taking advantage of discounted rates, you are ensuring that your organization or group is prepared to respond effectively to cardiac emergencies. The knowledge and skills gained through CPR training can make a significant difference in saving lives.


                          Obtaining CPR certification is essential for organizations and groups, and group discounts make CPR training more accessible and affordable. MyCPR NOW is a leading provider that offers comprehensive and cost-effective group CPR training. With customized training options, flexible learning methods, and competitive group pricing, MyCPR NOW stands out as a provider dedicated to making CPR training accessible to all. Take advantage of group discounts and equip your organization or group with the life-saving skills of CPR. Contact MyCPR NOW to discuss your group training needs and start your journey toward CPR certification today.

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