Steps to Performing the EC-Clamp Correctly

The EC-Clamp is a technique that is used for holding the mask of manual ventilation on the face during CPR. The EC-Clamp technique can be an effective way to get a breath into a person who has stopped breathing. CPR training online courses can help you learn CPR so you’ll feel confident with your technique if you even have to rescue someone in need. Using a barrier device during CPR helps protect the rescuer and the victim. It is essential to know the correct steps to performing the EC-Clamp technique used in CPR:

  1. Tilt the victim’s head slightly back.
  2. Place the mask over the victim face covering the mouth and nose.
  3. Use your least dominant hand and the first two fingers to form a “c” shaped hold of the mask to the victim’s face. A finger goes around the top edge of the mask.  Another finger goes along the edge by the chin to form the “c” shape.  The other three fingers go against the side of the face to tighten the seal of the mask to the face.
  4. Once the seal is secure, you can use the bag to administer CPR breaths by squeezing the bag while watching for the chest to rise. If you do not see the chest rise when squeezing a breath into the victim, go back to step one and make sure you have formed a tight seal with the mask so that air does not escape the mask.

Learning this skill can help save a life. CPR helps keep oxygen and blood flowing through the victim’s organs to sustain life. The sooner the victim receives CPR, the greater the chances of survival are for the victim as well as improved and reduced recovery time. The average response time for paramedics to arrive after receiving a 911 emergency phone call is between four and ten minutes depending on where you live. A victim’s survival rate greatly decreases after the first two minutes of not receiving any type of CPR or medical help. Every minute counts when CPR is needed. Safe a life today and get CPR trained!

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