What Are the Symptoms of Frostbite?

Frostbite can occur after long exposure to cold temperatures. This can happen to anyone who spends time outdoors or engages in outdoor sports or exercise during the winter months. Runners and endurance athletes are at a higher risk of succumbing to frostbite due to the difficulties they have when trying to stay dry during their workouts. Hikers who may get lost and end up being on the trail much longer than planned can also put them at high risk for frostbite.

ECSI wilderness first aid and FA emergency aid certificate can help athletes learn the symptoms of frostbite so that they can be more proactive about prevention of frostbite and learn how to recognize the symptoms of frostbite. Advanced wilderness first aid course programs teach us that symptoms of frostbite can start with exposed skin becoming cold, numb, or pale. Skin that is exposed has a high risk of frostbite in colder temperatures, but our fingers and toes can also succumb easier to frostbite since our extremities are furthest from our core. Anyone experiencing frostbite might feel like their skin has a stinging sensation that has a feeling like pins and needles. They may experience a reduced sensation of touch or numbness in their fingertips.

Some ways to help someone who may be experiencing frostbite include moving them to a warmer area or heated room if available. You can also create a shelter, like a tent, to get out of the cold wind and inclement weather conditions. Wearing thicker socks that have a wool blend can help regulate body temperature during colder months. Wearing gloves or gloves with glove liners can help protect fingers. Hats can help prevent loss of body heat and protect the ears from exposure to the cold. If you have access to a warmer room or warm water, remember to warm your person up slowly to prevent the body going into shock.

The best first aid course is the one you can participate in! A basic 1 st aid course can be taken online for those that need virtual learning environments. Online training and certification courses can be completed from start to finish entirely online for convenience. You can also print your certification card after completion and passing of the certification exam. Learning the symptoms of frostbite can help you with being proactive in prevention and treatment. Sign up for your first aid certification course today!

What Are the Symptoms of Frostbite?

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