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Basic life saving certification, also known as BLS, teaches you a variety of skills from CPR, AED training, and first aid. Basic life support CPR online courses as well as any adult CPR program will teach you the basics in administering CPR to someone who has gone into cardiac arrest or has stopped breathing. There may be times in specific situations when adult CPR training will cover modifications in the process, such as compression only CPR.

Compression only CPR training can be performed using 1 or 2 person adult CPR teachings. If it is not safe to give breaths, like if the victim has been involved in an accident and their face is covered with blood, compression only CPR can be given with continuous compressions without counting or stopping until the paramedics arrive. If you are using 2 person adult CPR techniques, switching off and allowing a partner to help give compressions can help prevent fatigue so that each compression is the correct tempo and depth to keep vital organs functioning. Another example of when compression only CPR can
be used is if the victim has been sick and they have vomit on their face or in their mouth. It may not always be safe for a first responder to render breaths and for these circumstances, compression only CPR is just as effective. Some bystanders do not feel comfortable providing a breath to a stranger and they may use compression only CPR as well. With current concerns about social distancing and Covid-19 transmission, compression only CPR may become the new standard with CPR training. Compression only CPR allows first responders to render aid without getting too close to the victim.

Compression only CPR can be learned online for convenient life saving skills that can be completed in your spare time from the comfort of your home. Only studying gives you access to online study guides and study groups that can help you train and learn for your CPR certification exam. After the exam at the end is completed with a passing grade, you can print you certification card for instant gratification!

When Should You Use Compression Only CPR?