When You Should Start CPR

Basic life support certification online teaches you about CPR from the convenience of your own home when the time is convenient for you. Babysitter CPR training as well as adult and child CPR can be used to help save a life if someone goes into cardiac arrest or stops breathing.  Having proper training ensures that you’ll know exactly what to do and when with confidence.

If you see someone that has collapsed or stopped breathing, check the victim for a pulse.  You should begin CPR as soon as you have checked for a pulse and surveyed the area to make sure you are in a safe location to do so.  If there are other people around you, tell someone to call 911.  The purpose of CPR is to sustain life long enough until emergency help arrives.  If you forget this crucial step of calling 911, you are putting both the victim and yourself at risk.  If you are alone, call 911 from your cell phone before starting CPR.  When someone goes into cardiac arrest, the average person can go close to two minutes before they start succumbing to permanent and irreversible damage.  This is why it is so crucial to begin CPR as soon as you check for a pulse.  The average response time for paramedics to arrive on the scene after receiving a 911 phone call in the United States varies from four to ten minutes, depending on where you live.  CPR helps keep vital organs functioning and sustains life until help arrives.  Victims who receive CPR while waiting for emergency help to arrive have significantly higher survival rates and faster recovery times.  

Child CPR certification classes are something that all parents and teachers should be familiar with.  No one ever plans to be in an emergency medical situation, but knowing what to do saves lives.  Child CPR and Infant CPR is performed differently than adult CPR.  The concept is the same, but the compressions and hand placement are slightly different.  Taking the time to complete certification in these basic life saving skills can help you be a more resourceful person in emergency situations as well has provide you a peace of mind knowing that your child and any other children in your care are protected with your basic life support skills.

You can become CPR certified online by signing up for a CPR class.  These online classes are convenient and provide a printable CPR certification card after passing the exam for instant gratification.  If you already have a CPR certification, you can sign up to renew your certification online as well.  There are  variety of CPR classes to take including infant, child, adult, and health professional advanced CPR training classes.  Take one or take them all so you’ll know when and how to perform CPR if duty calls.

CPR and First Aid Certifications
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