3 Ways Knowing First Aid Can Save a Life

Having First Aid knowledge benefits you and your family, friends, coworkers, and the whole community. As unpleasant as they are to discuss, accidents and emergencies are not wholly preventable or unavoidable. Therefore, first aid allows you to help people injured in an accident or an emergency scenario until the help arrives. First Aid skills can be helpful at home, at work, or in public places. The greater the number of First Aid qualified persons in a community, the safer the society becomes.

When an unforeseeable and tragic accident or disaster occurs, the first ten minutes are critical for stabilizing the situation and lowering fatality risk. This is where a first responder can help save the situation even before paramedics arrive and speed up the recovery period of the accident victim.

It's also important to acknowledge that first responders need not always be professionals. Anyone with the necessary knowledge, skillset, and physical and mental agility may meet the requirement.

1. Save Lives
Every year, millions of people die because they do not receive a quick response or instant medical aid. It is undeniable that having first aid training can save many lives. When patients receive essential life support while an ambulance is on its way, their chances of survival increase, but that's not all; providing prompt and appropriate first aid can shorten a person's recovery time and determine whether the patient has a temporary or long-term health effect. Pain-relieving therapy is critical since the pain can cause physiological changes in blood pressure, respiration, and pulse. 

    Before medical emergency services arrive, simple techniques such as putting on an ice pack or a short rub will assist in reducing the pain. With a suitable certification course, you'll learn to stay calm in an emergency situation and remember the procedures you need to perform.

    2. Prevent the Situation from Becoming Worse

      A skilled professional would know how to prevent the situation from deteriorating further. Having a fundamental understanding of how to manage critical cases helps prevent accidents from getting worse. Treatment that is both temporary and urgent will keep the victim's condition from worsening until the emergency response is ready to take over. In some cases, if a patient or victim does not get the primary first aid care right away, their condition will rapidly languish. You can use everyday home items as tools if you don't have access to a first aid kit to deal with various circumstances.

      Understanding the basics of first aid can help you avoid a medical emergency from becoming more serious. For example, a person may be choking on whatever they were eating, and you can use your first-aid skills to evaluate their airway and clear the obstruction. Likewise, an accident victim may be seriously hurt and bleeding excessively, but with your first aid training, you will be able to stop the bleeding and prevent the situation from worsening.

      3. Provides Comfort
      First aid can help the sufferer feel better right away. While their injuries are being treated and stabilized until emergency services arrive, the patient can be calm and rest a little. It helps in increasing and improving patient comfort. Not all accidents, injuries, or diseases necessitate a trip to the hospital, but that doesn't mean the patient isn't in pain. You may make them feel better by knowing how to act, even if it's simply using simple tactics like correctly applying an ice pack or applying suitable bandaging. By being calm and collected, you will also provide emotional support, making them feel safer and lowering their anxiety levels.

        A simple injury can turn into a severe condition without competent First Aid, and in certain situations, fatalities can be caused by a lack of timely medical attention. First aid not only aids in speedier healing but also aids in the saving of lives. This is why many people are turning into first responders to contribute to society and take a step toward saving as many lives as possible.

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