4 Reasons to Learn About Bloodborne Pathogens

Advanced first aid classes can teach you about bloodborne pathogens and how to stay safe. Bloodborne pathogens are harmful viruses and bacteria that can be transmitted through bodily fluids and can also be transdermal, or being able to get sick by touching them. The more you learn, the safer you can be and protect yourself and loved ones from illness. Here are the top 4 reasons to learn about bloodborne pathogens:

1. Basic First Aid does not always cover bloodborne pathogens in their lesson plans. Taking a specialized CPR first aid bloodborne pathogens certification online course ensures that you are getting complete information that is relevant to everyday life with your first aid certification card.

2. Learning about bloodborne pathogens can prevent serious illness. Harmful bacteria and viruses infect new people each day. Having an understanding of how bloodborne pathogens work and learning about how you can stay safe can keep you and your community free of communicable disease.

3. Emergency First Aid course online programs teach you about the different types of PPE, or personal protection equipment, that you can use to help protect yourself from bloodborne pathogens. There are special personal protection equipment items such as face masks, face shields, shoe covers, goggles, and disposable latex gloves that can be worn to prevent the transfer of bloodborne pathogens. These items can be found easily at a drug store or online.
Many first responders keep these items ready to go in their emergency medical bag so they will be prepared for any type of emergency. Knowing how to discard used personal protection equipment is also important for keeping you and those around you safe. Not disposing PPE properly can harm anyone who might come into contact with it.

4. Learning about bloodborne pathogens makes you aware of facts, so that you don’t have live each day with fear or anxiety. Proper handwashing, done frequently, along with the appropriate personal protection items, can help you stay safe while being mobile. Learning this knowledge can help empower you as an advocate for change in your community and be on the front lines for public health advocacy.

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