4 Reasons to Learn First Aid

First aid training are part of the BLS, or basic life support, certification programs. These skills are something anyone can use in multiple situations and throughout their lifespan. For anyone who is still deciding if learning first aid is right for them, consider these four reasons to learn first aid:

1. Getting your first and AED certification helps to save lives. Being a first responder gives you the skills and training you need to help people in need. Your obligations are one of the most crucial jobs in a medical emergency. Your job is to sustain the life of someone in need until emergency medical help can arrive and take over. Without learning first aid, you may not know what to do to help someone who needs medical support.

2. The life you save may be your own. When you take an emergency first aid and CPR certification course, you not only learn how to save other people, but you also learn skills and techniques about what to do if you are having a medical emergency and you are alone. These skills can help keep you calm in a crisis so that you can use your knowledge to help yourself.

3. Learning first aid can help make you a valuable employee at work. CPR first aid certification courses are highly encouraged by corporations so that their employees are empowered with skills and knowledge to make the workplace a safer environment for all employees. Large corporations receive discounts when they purchase corporate training programs in bulk for their employees. Many insurance companies require this certification as well. Having this certification can help you move into other jobs with ease when certification is required.

4. Peace of mind! Knowing you have your CPR first aid card can give you peace of mind knowing you’ll know what to do in a variety of different first aid situations. These skills can be used at home with your own kids, at school with students, and out in the community to any individual in need. These skills can carry over to family vacations, adventure hikes, and other leisure activities where someone may get injured.

CPR & First Aid Certifcation
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