5 Reasons Everyone Should Know CPR

CPR AED classes can help you learn life saving skills that can benefit someone who has stopped breathing or who has gone into cardiac arrest.  CPR AED online courses and CPR AED online renewal courses can help you make sure that your certification never expires.  Most CPR AED certification online courses are good for one year.  No person ever plans to be in a medical emergency situation.  Learning proper CPR skills and techniques can help keep you calm and focused if the opportunity should arise for you to help someone in need.  Here are five reasons you should stay on top of your CPR training:

  1.  A CPR license is proof that you have completed the proper training and are licensed to administer CPR to someone in need.  CPR is necessary to keep vital organs alive and to help keep oxygen and blood flowing through the body.  If you don’t have proper training and do not perform CPR correctly, the victim survival rate is significantly decreased.
  2. Knowing CPR is a certification to proudly add to your resume.  When an employer is trying to decide between candidates, a CPR certification could be one of the few things that help your resume stand out from your competition.  Employers like their employees to have knowledge of CPR because it makes them feel comfortable knowing that you will know what to do in the event that someone goes into cardiac arrest.
  3. Knowing CPR can help make parents feel less anxious.  Children are prone to having many accidents.  Being able to perform lifesaving CPR on your own child is priceless if your child stops breathing.  Child CPR is performed differently than the CPR techniques that are used in adult CPR training.  Taking an online course or signing up for a certification program helps ensure that you have learned all of the different techniques and will be able to properly identify which skills and techniques to use and when.  
  4. CPR training can help keep you aware of current changes in technique or modifications to CPR to rescue someone if traditional CPR is not able to be performed safely.  For example, if you witness a car accident and the driver needs CPR but their face is covered in blood, it is not safe for the first responder to perform traditional CPR.  Chest compressions only CPR can be given in this example to make help increase the survival rate of the victim while waiting for emergency help to arrive.
  5. Peace of Mind!  Having a CPR certification can help you feel confident in your abilities to rescue someone in need.  Many CPR certification programs will have a combined class where you can learn first aid as well to maximize your training time and learn additional skills to be better prepared for any type of emergency.  With CPR certification and recertification courses available online, there’s no excuse to not become CPR certified or keep your certification current.  Make a positive difference in the lives of others with a CPR certification course!
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