How to Spot Arterial Bleeding

Arterial bleeding is blood that flows from the main artery and spurts blood to the pulse of your heartbeat.  Arterial bleeding is dangerous because you can lose a lot of blood quickly and arterial damage means your body is not pumping the blood through the body.  If you take a basic first aid course online, you will learn the difference between arterial and venous bleeding.  Treating arterial bleeding is very serious and any individual with a basic life support license or emergency first aid certificate should react quickly to stabilize the victim to increase their survival rate.

Arterial bleeding is difficult to control because the body continues to lose blood with each heartbeat.  Emergency first response certification teaches us that deep pressure to the wound site is best for stabilizing a victim with arterial bleeding.  By pushing the artery against the bone using deep pressure, the blood flow is stopped from exiting the body.  A tourniquet can also be used in some cases, depending on where the wound is, to help stop arterial bleeding to preserve limbs and life.  

First aid and CPR certificate programs go over the different types of bleeding and ways to help manage emergency situations to stabilize a victim until medical help arrives.  These priceless lifesaving skills help save lives.  If a victim is having arterial bleeding and they do not receive the necessary care to stabilize them, the survival rate significantly decreases after about three minutes.  The average response time in the United States for a team of paramedics to reach someone after they receive a distress call is between five and ten minutes depending on where you live, with rural locations taking a little longer to get to.  Having training in CPR, first aid, and emergency response skills gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to take charge and save someone in need.  First aid training can be conveniently taken online so you can study in your free time from anywhere.  Certification and recertification courses are available online as well so you can make sure your certifications never expire.  Make a difference your community by getting a first aid certification so you can help others in need.

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