AED Certification? It’s All Part of CPR Training

CPR AED certification online programs provide training and education in both CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) because they can be used together in the event of a cardiac emergency. Taking a CPR AED online course will teach you the proper steps for administering both and which order to do them in to increase the survival rate of the victim.  

CPR is one of the most important basic lifesaving skills you can learn. It keeps oxygen and blood pumping throughout the body to help keep essential organs functioning until emergency help arrives to take over. When a victim is given CPR, their chances of survival are significantly increased and they are often able to make a full recovery. 

But what happens when CPR isn’t working? After performing CPR for 2 minutes and the victim is still not breathing, an AED should be applied after performing CPR. An AED can help restart the person’s heart and/or reset the natural rhythm of their heartbeat. AEDs are automatic now and have been made user friendly to help make sure that they are used correctly. After applying the patches to the victim’s chest region as indicated on the picture on the AED device, turn the device on and be sure to call out “stand back” so that nobody is touching the body during the AED scan. This step is crucial because if anyone is touching or holding the body, it could get a false reading and not work correctly. The scan will indicate if a shock is necessary and the AED will automatically give the shock. After the shock, you can restart CPR for two minutes leaving all of the patches from the AED in place on the person’s body. If after two minutes CPR is still not working, you can restart the AED machine and stand back. If the AED indicates that no shock is needed, you can jump right back into CPR for two minutes. The average response time for emergency help to arrive after they receive a call is between five and ten minutes depending on where you live and if you live in a rural area or not.  Taking CPR AED online courses ensure that you’ll be able to confidently take charge of any person in cardiac arrest until emergency help arrives. 

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