Why Should You Know First Aid

CPR and First Aid training online programs have made it easier than ever for individuals to obtain both access to learning and receiving certifications in Basic Life Support (BLS). First Aid course certification online programs can allow you to do all of your training completely online. The study materials are online for easy access from anywhere along with videos for instructor demonstrations and online instructor support. The certification exam is also online allowing you to take your exam when you are ready to and be able to print out your completed certificate for instant verification.  

You may ask yourself, why do you need to know First Aid or have BLS training? The answer is easy and simple; so that you can help save a life. You may be one of the first people to reach someone in need of immediate medical assistance. With certification in First Aid and BLS, you will be able to confidently provide care to someone with a serious illness or injury. The care that you provide in an emergency situation helps to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, and can help improve the person’s chances of recovery.  

First Aid certification is broken down into two different levels. Level 1 First Aid certification is for the standard CPR/AED/First Aid certification courses. Any individual can sign up for a Level 1 First Aid certification course and you will learn everything you need to help sustain life until emergency medical help arrives. Level 2 First Aid certification is advanced level CPR/AED/First Aid certifications. The advanced Level 2 certification courses are mostly used by the healthcare industry and health care professionals such as nurses, doctors, and paramedics. Anyone can take a Level 2 First Aid certification course if they want to. The Level 2 certification course is usually an additional 16 hours of training and lasts for two days. It includes more areas of specific First Aid such as wilderness First Aid training.  

First Aid card online programs issue certifications that are generally good for one year. First Aid renewal certification programs are also available online so there are no excuses for letting your training and certifications expire! E-learning First Aid courses are something that every person can benefit from. From parents, teachers, caregivers, and babysitters, First Aid training and BLS training saves lives. 

Sign up to take an online First Aid certification course today and be confident knowing that you’ll be prepared to help someone in any type of emergency situation.  

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