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BLS training is known as basic life support training. Basic cardiovascular life support training, including CPR, is intended primarily for those who work in the healthcare industry and anyone who just wants or needs to learn these skills. However, anyone can gain from BLS training, even though it may be geared toward those who work in hospitals and other similar environments.

The following are some of the concepts covered in BLS training courses:

  • CPR protocols for adults, kids, and infants
  • The crucial part of utilizing automated external defibrillators (AEDs)
  • Treatment for adults, kids, and infants who are choking
  • The value of the application of teams in multi-rescuer resuscitation

It's crucial to understand that BLS training differs from basic CPR training. Compared to a CPR course, BLS training is more detailed and in-depth.

The Benefits of BLS Training on Your Career

Your career's precise impact from BLS training will vary depending on your industry, job title, and employer's requirements. The following are a few professional advantages of BLS training:

  1. Expertise in life-saving techniques

The patient must receive care right away if they are to have any chance of surviving a cardiac arrest. Until emergency medical workers arrive, CPR and potentially an AED are the only therapies accessible outside of a hospital.

  1. Meeting the requirements of the job

Depending on the details of your profession, BLS certification is frequently a condition of employment within the medical industry and associated industries.  You must receive an initial BLS certification and regularly keep it up to date to work in these industries.

  1. A distinguishing credential

If you have this certification, you can mention it on job applications to differentiate yourself from those who don't have it. Additionally, even after securing a job, you can let your employer know that you have a BLS certification, which could increase your value to the company.

  1. A shift in perceptions of CPR performance

Completing BLS training programs can influence healthcare professionals' attitudes toward CPR, and repeated training is also advantageous since it  boosts confidence.

  1. Increased likelihood of promotion

If a chance of promotion occurs, having this training finished beforehand might make it simpler for you to accept the post, particularly if other candidates have not yet finished BLS training.

How to Make the Best Out of Your BLS Training

Follow these recommendations to maximize the benefits of the training:

  1. Regularly complete BLS training.

Regularly completing BLS training ensures that the material is fresh in your mind and that you retain as much of it as possible. Regularly renewing your BLS certification will also give you more self-assurance to deliver CPR properly if necessary.

  1. Pick a reputable BLS training organization.

The educational standards offered by different BLS training organizations vary, making it crucial to research your provider before signing up for the course. MyCPR NOW ensures you get a valid certification after completing the course.

  1. Decide on a course that accommodates your schedule.

Although some BLS training classes are conducted in person, others are entirely online. However, due to its ease, many students pick an online education. The adaptability of online courses can be extremely helpful if you work in the healthcare industry because they let you finish your study on your own schedule without interfering with other commitments.

  1. Complete your course.

It can be tempting to "go through the motions" when taking a BLS training course, especially if you must do so to keep your job. However, if you are taking the course online, choose a place free of distractions, and be sure to pick a time of day that enables you to give the course content your undivided attention without being disturbed.

  1. Take your certification exam.

Immediately after finishing your BLS training course and receiving your certification, you can give it to your employer. By doing this, you can be certain that your records are current and your employer has a copy of your CPR + First Aid certification.

Without skilled first aid, a minor injury can develop into a serious condition, and in certain cases, delayed medical care can result in fatalities. This is why many people are opting for BLS training today.

MyCPR NOW can certify you in CPR and first aid so you can start assisting those in need. Save lives with us!

BLS Online Course
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