PET CPR & First Aid - Dogs & Cats Are Family, Too

Are you one of those who has a fur baby at home?  The love and care for your pet must have brought you here.   All of us pet parents care for them a lot and would give anything for their comfort. We treat our dogs and cats as our family members, which they deserve. Our pets also love and care for us.   It is our responsibility to take good care of them, just like the rest of our family members.

Like humans, our pets also need help when they suffer from disease or face any other emergency. The problem is, they can’t communicate it the way humans do. As the owner of a pet, it’s your responsibility to always keep an eye on them and check for any symptoms. There are certain techniques with which we can help our pets during emergencies. We will learn more about these techniques in this article. Keep reading to know more about how you can take good care of your pet.

Concept of Pet CPR & First Aid

Many of us must be aware of CPR and first aid for human beings. But these techniques are useful for our pets as well. There are some differences in the administration of these techniques for pets.  We can avoid premature endings and save our pet’s life with the proper knowledge and skills. Pet CPR refers to the cardiopulmonary resuscitation administered to your pet if it is not breathing or not having a heartbeat. Similarly, the primary medical care offered to your pet in case of emergency is called first aid for pets. Everyone can learn these techniques and get certified in Pet CPR & First Aid with MyCPR NOW.

In emergency situations, our pets experience some effects similar to human beings. If they stop breathing or suffer a sudden cardiac arrest, these situations rapidly drop the oxygen level in their body. The kidneys and liver are vital organs that can fail to function properly due to oxygen deficiency. During respiratory failure, there is also a risk of brain damage. Without appropriate, quick action, the situation may get extremely critical for your pet.

While this is about CPR, first aid is equally important for our pets when they get injured due to an accident. Primary medical care, such as dressing, is needed when they get injured and start bleeding. It can help the pet survive and prevent further infection from wounds. With proper knowledge and skills in first aid, you can manage minor emergencies independently. In case of major critical emergencies, you can help the pet survive till full medical help arrives.  Learning Pet CPR and First Aid is of vital importance.

Pet CPR & First Aid Course

 Pet CPR and first aid are related to your pets' health, and if you are certified in this, you can save them with proper care during emergencies. This course from MyCPR NOW will introduce you to general concepts related to pet CPR and first aid in the beginning. Then you will learn general healthcare and other concepts such as breathing, pulse, CRT, temperature, and dehydration.

You'll learn about different types of wounds and ways of cleaning them. Other concepts included in the syllabus are how to handle bleeding, seizures, and choking. In addition, you'll be trained for aftercare. You must avoid common mistakes while administering these techniques. By doing this course and getting certified, you will be confident enough to handle emergencies for pets.

In the above article, we have stressed the significance of learning Pet CPR and first aid. Our course material is available free of cost online so that you can complete it at your convenience. Also, you pay only when you pass the test and want to get certified! Therefore, you can opt for this Pet CPR & First Aid course and get certified with MyCPR NOW.

PET CPR & First Aid - Dogs & Cats Are Family Too
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