CPR/AED Course Online

Heart diseases cause around 610,000 deaths per year in the United States. It is approximately 1/4th of total deaths per year in the country. Many might have died due to the lack of immediate care required in an emergency. 

Having the knowledge of essential life support such as CPR and AED and getting certified with it can help to save lives. Those who don’t know these concepts will be able to learn them after reading this article.

Knowing CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is one of the basic life support methods well-known by its acronym CPR. This method provides chest compressions and ventilations to the patient suffering from cardiac arrest. In case of sudden cardiac arrest, the victim needs immediate life support care for survival. A person certified with CPR/AED on the scene can increase the chances of survival.

The CPR must be administered within the first three to five minutes after a cardiac arrest. In the event of an emergency, medical care takes time to reach the spot where the victim is in need. Usually, the first responders or public safety officers provide CPR to the needy person. However, it can help save more lives if more people get certified with CPR/AED.

Knowing AED

An automated external defibrillator, i.e., AED, is a device used for helping persons suffering from cardiac arrest. These devices are commonly available now, but many people may be unaware of what they are. AED devices are mainly located in public buildings and most offices. These medical devices are used to help those who experience sudden cardiac arrest.

AED is a sophisticated and easy-to-use device that analyzes the heart’s rhythm. It can also deliver an electric shock if necessary to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm. This process of providing an electric shock is referred to as defibrillation. Learning to use the AED device is essential because it is the only way to restore a normal heart rhythm during sudden cardiac arrest.

Certification in CPR/AED

While dealing with people's health and lives, one must have proper knowledge and skills of CPR/AED. The skills and expertise are mandatory for those working in the healthcare field. Along with them, some other public servants, such as police officers and firefighters, also require this certification since it is a part of their duty.

These officials can save people's lives in emergencies by taking this course and getting certified in CPR/AED. This course includes general concepts of CPR/AED and other aspects of essential life support for saving lives in emergencies. There is an intro to types of emergencies and the equipment used to deal with them.  Crucial chapters include how to recognize a cardiac arrest, how to check the pulse, the different types of compressions for adults & children, the different ventilations, AED usage, and common mistakes.

 Online CPR/AED Course

With the rise of modern technology, there has been an increase in online methods of learning as opposed to the traditional classroom setting. Many working professionals have such a busy work schedule that they cannot take time to attend classes.

Online course and certification is the best solution for these people since they can learn the course material at their convenience. They can sit at their home or office to learn from online classes and manage time according to their schedule. After the pandemic, even the public preferred online courses and certification over traditional ones. At MyCPR NOW, we offer all these courses online for everyone, and you can learn them for free. You have to pay for certification only if you pass the exam.

Along with the healthcare professionals, those who want to learn these life-saving techniques can take this course in CPR/AED. If you are interested in learning these concepts online, contact MyCPR NOW and enroll in a CPR/AED course online. Complete this course, get certified, and boost your confidence to tackle emergencies!

CPR/AED Course Online
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