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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is known as CPR. It refers to the fundamental first aid techniques that can be used to preserve life until emergency medical services arrive.  It is useful both for general public members and first responders. You are acting as a manual pump by performing CPR. These rescue breaths introduce oxygen while the chest compressions pump blood throughout the body. The phrase "the kiss of life," another name for rescue breaths, may be familiar to you.

If you are the first person on the scene when someone has stopped breathing, you can keep them alive longer by performing CPR. This will allow enough blood containing oxygen to reach the brain, heart, and other organs. CPR cannot restart the heart independently, but it can buy time'until emergency services arrive. The likelihood that someone will survive cardiac arrest more than doubles when efficient CPR is administered.

The best chance of survival is with mouth-to-mouth CPR, which includes rescue breaths. However, hands-only CPR will still certainly boost a person's chance of survival and is unquestionably preferable to doing nothing.

It is practical to perform compression-only CPR for the first few minutes after the heart stops because it gives the emergency services time to arrive with an AED. After more than a few minutes, the oxygen will likely be depleted, necessitating rescue breaths to increase the likelihood of survival.

 The Importance of CPR

CPR's significance can hardly be overemphasized.. Because it will typically be up to people like you to act in an emergency while waiting for professionals to arrive, we can't just rely on doctors, paramedics, and other emergency responders to be trained in CPR.

There are many solid reasons to learn CPR, but the most significant is the possibility that you'll one day save a life. Being certified will boost your confidence for being able to handle such emergency situations.. You will know how to remain calm and take the necessary steps. Another reason to learn this lifesaving technique is that some career fields may also need a CPR certification. There won't be any roadblocks in your career path if you already have the certification.

 You might believe that you won't ever need to respond to such an emergency. However, cardiac arrest is the world's leading cause of death and may happen to anyone, anytime. Most SCA incidents (69.5%) occur at home, and over 18.8% occur in public. When sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) occurs, tissue and organ death can happen in minutes due to the heart's inability to pump blood.

What is MyCPR NOW Card?

CPR certification cards are given to people who complete our coursework and tests. These cards can be used as proof that you are trained to provide these lifesaving skills durig a cardiac emergency.

With MyCPR NOW's simple-to-read booklet and card, you can learn the fundamentals of CPR/AED at your own pace. Learn about safety issues, and compression-to-ventilation ratios for adults, children, and infants, among other things. Study whenever you want, and pay only if you pass!

The manuals and assessments for MyCPR NOW were created by and approved by first responders. Before you make a purchase, we show you the materials and tests. Regardless of whether you purchase, everyone has access to this information.

By letting you see the handbook and the exam before you take the test or pay for it, MyCPR NOW makes learning simple.


Check out our comprehensive CPR Card certification to get started. Additionally, if you or a loved one is at an increased risk of cardiac arrest or if you are in charge of a workplace or public space, you could also get our CPR + AED online course.

Don't underestimate  the value of CPR. It is simple to learn and doesn't take much time, yet it can make a huge difference.


Get Your CPR Card Online
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