CPR – First Aid – BBP Combination Certification

CPR First Aid BBP (Bloodborne Pathogen) combination certification provides you with knowledge and skills to save lives from a combination of different medical emergency situations. Career fields across the board can benefit from receiving a combination certification in CPR, First Aid, and BBP. The certification courses are open to anyone over the age of 18 who wants to obtain the certification. A combination certification approach ensures you receive all of your training and skill sets from a variety of basic life skills, or BLS, quickly yet efficiently. 

CPR training teaches you what to do if someone goes into cardiac arrest. There may be times when an AED device will need to be used in addition to CPR. CPR certification covers usage of the AED device as well. CPR training covers CPR on infants, children, and adults as well as use of the AED device. Knowing how to perform CPR correctly can truly help save lives and improve the chances of survival for the victim. CPR certification online renewal makes it convenient for new learners and experienced learners to stay on top of their training from the comfort of their own officer or home.

First Aid training teaches you how to manage cuts, scrapes, and bleeding. There may be a time when you have to rescue someone from a scary situation. Knowing what not to do in an emergency situation is just as important because it helps prevent you from becoming a victim of the situation. First Aid online free courses may be available through work or larger corporations who value their employees having CPR and First Aid certifications.

BBP, or bloodborne pathogens, refers to microorganisms which can be transmitted through blood and other bodily fluids. Wearing PPE, or personal protection equipment, helps reduce the transmittance of BBP and other harmful viruses and bacteria. There are many different types of PPE, or personal protection equipment, which you can use to help protect you from infection. Different jobs require different types and different layers of PPE. Pharmacy and medical supply stores offer an assortment of PPE for use by the general public as well as informational resources to teach you how to use them properly.

Whether you are an experienced CPR/AED provider or a new parent wanting to learn more for family wellness, health certifications are always a priceless investment in your health and wellbeing. Take CPR online or obtain a combination certification remotely and learn how to save lives, take care of loved ones, and know how to stay safe during a medical emergency situation.


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