Online CPR Certification Renewal

The abilities and information acquired during the first training of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) may rapidly deteriorate within a year for someone not regularly practicing. This is why CPR certification provides a timeline of a maximum of one year before renewal.  The best method to maintain your credentials is to take the CPR refresher course.

Although most people receive their initial CPR certification in a classroom setting, other options are now available for renewal. Below are listed possibilities for CPR renewal accessible online.

Who needs their CPR certification updated?

Two groups take primary training and will need certification to maintain their skills.  They are:

  1. people who simply want to learn CPR.  Although they are not required to be certified in CPR, they want to be ready in case of an emergency.
  2. people who are required to have CPR certification by either their employer or their state licensure board.   These people must maintain CPR certification to keep their jobs or licenses.

Why is Renewing Your CPR Certification Important?

As various changes often occur in the healthcare industry, guidance is updated on the performance of CPR. These recommendations are relevant to ongoing field research. By ensuring timely renewal of CPR certification, you will be able to stay current with updated guidelines.

Individuals have the chance to brush up on their CPR knowledge by taking a CPR recertification program. According to research, a person can scarcely execute CPR even after a year of training. Giving CPR is risky since it could easily result in losing a life. Leaving out or forgetting certain important information can seriously jeopardize the process. Additionally, CPR certification is necessary to renew a certificate once it expires. An outdated certificate is the same as having none at all.

How does it work?

Get a certification that suits your requirements and your schedule in your area to renew your CPR certification or enroll in a blended course that lets you finish the certification class online before doing the hands-on training there. There are additional training facilities that provide entirely online courses, such as CPR Renewal, for time-constrained working professionals. It only takes a few minutes to register, and you could save lives by doing so in the event of a cardiac or breathing emergency.

So what choices are there for renewing a CPR certification?

There are three ways to update a CPR certification. These are classroom-based, blended (online + hands-on), and entirely online:

  1. A CPR renewal online course consists entirely of online training videos, which are followed by a final exam. You can get your CPR recertification online after completing the final exam. Additionally, your online certification card is immediately printable.
  2. Blended training involves completing your CPR recertification online and receiving a hands-on skill assessment. After finishing your skills review and online CPR refresher, you will get a blended CPR card. This card confirms that you completed both tasks. Because of the practical experience, it is generally acknowledged as being equivalent to class instruction.
  3. Attending a classroom course is the final option for renewing a CPR certificate. The instructor for this type of training is a CPR expert.

However, you can quickly and easily renew your certification online. The quickest and most practical way to learn is online. Online education has overtaken classroom instruction as the most popular way to renew your CPR certification. It's quick and handy, and you can work at your own pace.

At MYCPR NOW you will get curated CPR certifications that can help you stay updated with the latest procedures and renew your abilities. Such practices are designed for freshers and people with valid credentials but are about to expire. Contact us today to know more.

Online CPR Certification Renewal
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