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Those who have experienced an emergency or met a person needing first aid/CPR can understand the significance of these techniques. These techniques provide immediate care to help the person survive until medical help reaches the location. It is often observed that first responders and healthcare professionals offer this life support. Unfortunately, CPR and first aid courses are commonly taken only by these people.

Since the number of deaths occurring due to the lack of immediate life support is relatively high, spreading awareness about these techniques is essential.


This lifesaving technique aims to maintain blood and oxygen flow through the body after a person’s heart and breathing have stopped. CPR is provided to people experiencing cardiac arrest. A heart attack occurs due to blocked blood flow to the heart, but the person still remains conscious for some time. Recent studies show that the chances of survival after cardiac arrest are double or triple with CPR. Keeping the blood flow active till the arrival of medical professionals is the primary goal of CPR. The steps performed during CPR are different for adults, children, and infants.


If a person gets injured or becomes sick, they often need immediate help.  The immediate medical attention provided is called first aid. It can save a person's life, prevent situations from getting worse, and help promote a speedy recovery. Healthcare professionals are often trained in first aid, whereas other professions require employees to learn basic first aid. Knowing first aid is definitely beneficial, even if it isn’t necessary for your job. Unlike with minor conditions, first aid should be continued until professional care becomes available in the case of severe problems.


We can understand the significance of learning CPR from the following points. First, CPR can save lives in case of sudden cardiac arrest. By maintaining the blood flow, CPR reduces the chances of brain death. Second, by learning CPR, you will understand what needs to be done during cardiac emergencies. Since every minute counts in an emergency, you can help victims with faster recovery. Third, you can make your home safer by learning CPR. Similar to your home, workplaces, schools, and other public places can become safer when most people learn CPR. Since anyone can learn CPR, the chances of saving lives increase.


The following points indicate the significance of learning first aid for everyone. First aid can save lives in medical emergencies where time is crucial. The majority of medical emergencies involve pain, and first aid helps in relieving that pain. Along with healing wounds and injuries, first aid prevents infections. Immediate and proper first aid reduces recovery time for the victim. Learning first aid allows you to communicate effectively to medical professionals.  Along with giving you peace of mind by reducing the fear of medical emergencies, learning first aid also opens up job opportunities for you.

CPR & Firsts Aid Courses – At Your Fingertips

Learning these techniques is mandatory for healthcare professionals and also really helpful for others who are not in a medical field. Many people have busy schedules and sometimes fluctuating shifts as well. Therefore, they cannot opt for CPR and first aid courses in person. Online courses are the best solutions for these busy people since they can opt for online courses and complete them at their own convenience. In addition, these online courses are trending after the pandemic because they are safe and can be worked on while staying at home.

 You could be the next lifesaver for your family or stranger in need of help! If you want to take this course, you can contact MyCPR NOW, learn these techniques, and get officially certified to handle such cases. The best thing is that all our courses are accessible online, and you only pay if you pass the test.

Boost your confidence in saving lives by getting certified to handle emergencies!

CPR & First Aid Training - At Your Fingertips

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