CPR & First Aid: Training that Can Save a Life

Take a moment and think about a friend or family member who you know may have suffered a cardiac event at some point in their life and think about whether or not the outcome of the situation was positive or detrimental. For those who had a positive outcome, was there someone available who knew how to care for and assist the victim in their time of need, until emergency medical technicians (EMT) could arrive on-scene? For those who had a negative or detrimental outcome, was there anyone able to do anything for the victim outside of notifying emergency services? Which leads to the question of “What if I could have done more? If I had some basic CPR skills and could have stepped in to render aid until professional medical help arrived?” 

The answer can be simple enough as learning CPR online and First Aid online, the most necessary skills for you to assist your family, your friends, neighbors, co-workers or others you might come into contact with during your daily life. Learning how to perform CPR includes understanding the series of compressions, ventilations, one rescuer operations, or two rescuers operations, and proper use of an AED along with insight into the teamwork, communications, and roles within the process.

Now considering that online CPR courses and First Aid online courses are available to the general public, it is more convenient and feasible to become certified than ever before. MyCPR NOW offers free online CPR practice tests and CPR study guide manuals, which will give you basic training, insight, and the confidence to react safely and quickly to an emergency situation. First Aid online will lead you through medical care for allergic reactions, exposure to poison, seizures, and trauma emergencies such as cuts, burns, and broken bones.

Just consider how confident you will be if ever faced with a medical emergency at home, work, or when you are out and about in your daily routine. We never know when we might be faced with an emergency, so take the time today to get certified with MyCPR NOW. Click below to learn more about all the opportunities MyCPR NOW has to offer!

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