CPR for Pregnant and Obese Individuals – Is it Different?

CPR can be performed on any individual that is in cardiac arrest to sustain life until emergency personnel can arrive to take over. CPR Basic Life Support (BLS) classes online can show you how to perform CPR correctly to help save a life. A cardiac emergency situation could happen to anyone and anywhere. Will you be prepared to help someone in need in a medical emergency requiring CPR?

There is a specific process for performing CPR on infants, children, and adults. Sometimes there are other factors that can affect the quality of CPR or make someone question whether it should be done at all. Two of the most common factors that people question are pregnant individuals and obese individuals. Both pregnant and obese individuals are able to receive CPR safely and it is performed in accordance with the same guidelines as a typical adult. 

Many bystanders are hesitant to perform CPR on a pregnant individual because they are fearful that they may harm the unborn child. Chest compressions can be done effectively, and safely and does not harm the baby. 

An AED machine can also be used safely, on a pregnant individual. However, if the individual has gone into cardiac arrest and requires CPR to sustain life and CPR is not performed, the unborn child has a very low chance of survival if the mother does not receive basic life support. 

CPR on obese individuals is safe and effective as well, however the higher the BMI index is, the lower the quality of CPR received becomes. This is because it is more difficult for an individual to perform chest compressions deep enough in accordance with recommendations for proper adult CPR. Performing chest compressions too shallow does not keep vital organs functioning properly to sustain life. If you need to perform CPR on an obese individual and there are other bystanders around to help, allow the largest and strongest person to perform the chest compressions to make sure they are deep enough and fast enough to keep that person alive until emergency help arrives. Chest compressions are the most vital part of CPR. In some cases when it is not safe to give breaths, chest compressions can be done continuously until help arrives.  

CPR BLS online classes can give you the knowledge and confidence to perform CPR effectively and safely on all individuals. CPR recertification online courses are also available for those who need a refresher course to renew their CPR certification card. Being in a medical emergency situation is never something that anyone plans for. Knowing what to do and being able to perform CPR correctly and effectively is priceless. Learn how to save a life with First Aid and CPR training online, today by clicking the link below.


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