First Aid And Safety Class Online

First Aid training courses online provide an easy and convenient method to obtain Basic Life Support (BLS) skills that can help save lives. First Aid skills are functional skills that can carry over into safety for all ages and professions. First Aid and safety skills are something that all parents, caregivers, teachers, grandparents, and babysitters should know how to do because you never know when an accident might happen.  When you get your CPR card online and first aid certification, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to respond to any first aid situation that may come up.  

Common First Aid techniques you will learn when taking an online First Aid course includes CPR, using an AED or automated external defibrillator, how to control bleeding, and performing the Heimlich maneuver properly. Techniques can vary from infant, child, and adult CPR. Completing an online CPR First Aid course shows you the difference in techniques and how to use which skills when.  Online safety classes will also introduce you to an AED (automated external defibrillator) and how to use one. Most AED devices are automatic now, but you will want to be familiar with what one looks like and how to use it properly.  Being in the middle of a cardiac emergency situation is not a time to try to figure out how to use an AED machine.  Most large businesses and almost all public schools are required to have at least one AED in the building. Find out where your school or employer keeps their’s so that if you ever need to use it, you will know where it is located.  All AED machines have to be registered with the local fire departments as well.  If you had to call 911, an emergency operator should be able to tell you where the nearest AED machine is. The average person has an average of four minutes after a cardiac emergency to get help. Knowing where the AED machine is kept before you have a medical emergency can help save time and save a life.  

If you have taken First Aid safety classes before, you can also renew First Aid certification online. Staying up to date with your certification and safety training can help you stay on top of current training methods and medical techniques used to treat common first aid situations. 

First Aid and safety online courses can help keep you safe and save lives--start today by clicking below!

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