First Aid Course Online

We’ve all had our share of unfortunate events where our loved ones or we ourselves needed immediate medical help but didn’t receive it on time. This underscores the importance of knowing first aid. Understanding first aid enables you to assist others in need. Through first aid certification courses, you'll learn how to provide acute treatment for patients while waiting for help.

How Does First Aid Work?

Knowing the fundamentals of first aid can benefit your professional and personal life. For example, quickly using fundamental first aid techniques, such as controlling minor bleeding or immobilizing joints, can make a big difference in the severity of an accident for you or someone else.

 Why is First Aid Essential?

Everyone will administer or receive first aid at some point in their lives. The outcome of an injury or disease may depend on one's capacity to care for the victim until medical assistance arrives.

How to Use Online First Aid Courses?

Online first aid courses allow you to get the knowledge required to assist those needing care until medical personnel arrive. To get started, sign up for a course, then use a suitable device to access the materials. You can begin the coursework whenever you register for a class.

MyCPR NOW provides first aid online courses with highly interactive modules and can be taken in almost any order for added flexibility. Before purchasing, we show you the materials and tests. Regardless of whether you purchase, everyone should have access to this information.

By letting you see the handbook and the exam before you take the test or pay for it, MyCPR NOW makes learning simple.

Here are a few first aid courses offered by MyCPR NOW:


First Aid Training: Acquire the Skills You Need to Stay Safe and Help Others!

With MyCPR NOW's simple-to-read manual, you can learn first aid fundamentals at your own pace. Learn about typical injuries, how to treat common injuries, safety issues, and more. Study whenever you want, and pay only if you pass.


  1. Intro
  2. Get to Know Your First Aid Kit
  3. Recognition & Protective Gear
  4. Medical Emergencies
  5. Medical Emergencies II
  6. Trauma Emergencies
  7. Trauma Emergencies II
  8. Choking
  9. Choking Procedures for Adults & Children
  10. Choking Procedures for Infants
  11. Aftercare
  12. Common Mistakes
  13. Conclusion


Learn to save a life today with a certification in First Aid for Severe Bleeding.

The MyCPR NOW guidebook is simple to understand and covers the fundamentals of First Aid for Severe Bleeding. Learn about safety issues, handling various injuries that can result in excessive bleeding, and other topics. Study whenever you want, and pay only if you pass!


  1. Intro
  2. Recognizing Types of Bleeding
  3. Recognizing Severe Bleeding
  4. Equipment - Dressings & Bandages
  5. Equipment - Tourniquets & Hemostatic Agents
  6. Initial Emergency Actions
  7. Steps to Control Bleeding
  8. Recognizing & Treating Shock
  9. Aftercare
  10. Common Mistakes
  11. Conclusion


Learn to save a life today with CPR/AED Certification and First Aid Training.

Learn CPR techniques, how to use an AED, how to treat typical injuries, how to bandage wounds, and more. Study whenever you want, and pay only if you pass!


  1. CPR Intro
  2. Recognizing Cardiac Arrest
  3. Positioning & Pulse Check
  4. Compressions for Adults
  5. Compressions for Infants & Children
  6. Ventilation Equipment
  7. Ventilations for Adults
  8. Ventilations for Infants & Children
  9. AED Usage
  10. AED Special Circumstances
  11. Common CPR Mistakes
  12. CPR Conclusion
  13. First Aid Intro
  14. Get to Know Your First Aid Kit
  15. Recognition & Protective Gear
  16. Medical Emergencies
  17. Medical Emergencies II
  18. Trauma Emergencies
  19. Trauma Emergencies II
  20. Choking
  21. Choking Procedures for Adults & Children
  22. Choking Procedures for Infants
  23. Aftercare
  24. Common First Aid Mistakes
  25. First Aid Conclusion

MyCPR NOW offers online first aid classes where you can learn the most up-to-date skills and methods for providing care without interfering with your daily schedule. Browse our various courses in first aid certification and get ready to help the community.

First Aid Course Online
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