First Aid & CPR Classes Online

Have you ever encountered an emergency where a victim needs first aid or CPR? Such a situation requires having proper knowledge of first aid and CPR. If you are a certified person in these areas, you will definitely be able to save victims' lives.

You can help those people survive critical conditions by giving first aid and CPR before medical help arrives. 

If you aren’t certified already, you can opt for first aid and CPR classes to learn life-saving techniques.

Concept of First Aid

First aid is the immediate help provided to a person following an injury or emergency. In case of emergencies, it takes time for full medical assistance to reach the victim. That’s why first aid is highly essential for persons suffering from an injury. Learning the basic principles of first aid helps people in their personal and professional lives. For example, joint immobilization or minor bleeding control must be applied quickly in case of emergencies. These can make a difference in the severity and after-effects of the injury.

The First Aid Course

You can easily opt for the First Aid Certification course at MyCPR NOW and learn the basics of first aid. When you complete this course successfully, you will be confident to apply first aid principles in emergency situations. This exhaustive course allows you to learn all the aspects of first aid. In addition, you will be introduced to the first aid kit and its methods. Other things in this course include recognition & protective gear, types of medical and trauma emergencies, choking procedures for infants, children, and adults, aftercare, and common mistakes to be avoided.

Concept of CPR

CPR is the acronym used for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is a life-saving technique to help a person suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. It involves providing compressions and ventilations to the victim in an emergency. By giving some chest compressions and ventilations, a rescuer tries to maximize the blood and oxygen supply to the vital organs in the victim's body. You can significantly increase the victim's chances of survival by providing CPR immediately within the first 3 to 5 minutes.

Course to Learn CPR

MyCPR NOW offers you the CPR certification course through which you can learn the basics of CPR. After successfully completing this course, you will be able to help the person suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. Since this course is comprehensive, it will give you insights into various aspects of CPR. First, you will get introduced to CPR and understand how it works. Next, you will learn positioning and methods of checking the patient's pulse. Then, you will be introduced to ventilation equipment and ventilation for infants, children, and adults. Similarly, you will learn the different compression variations for infants, children, and adults, along with tips on avoiding common mistakes.

Learning First Aid & CPR from Online Classes

We know it is difficult for most working professionals to attend the classes in person to learn first aid and CPR. Due to your busy schedule, you cannot take time out for these courses. And these days, many people prefer to do things online as much as possible. For those professionals and others who want to do these courses for themselves, we provide them online. You can attend the classes online when it is convenient.  It is effortless to start and stop the classes when you attend them online. You can comfortably sit at your home or office to complete this course, taking the tests for these certifications online when you are ready.

If you have decided to learn these life-saving techniques and be confident in tackling emergency situations, contact us at MyCPR NOW to start your classes online and get certified.


First Aid & CPR Classes Online
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