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When you hear about something free, you get attracted to it, right? Most of the free things are offered to attract people. But in this case, it’s not true; we are providing this free CPR course to spread awareness and save the lives of people. Keep reading further to know more about the course and CPR.

What Exactly is CPR?

A life-saving technique where compressions and ventilations are provided to the victim of cardiac arrest is known as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). In case of sudden cardiac arrest, a rescuer can provide chest compressions and ventilations in order to maximize blood and oxygen saturation to important organs. The chances of survival of the victim increase if he is provided with CPR within the first 3-5 minutes. The reason behind this is that the heart and brain get crucial blood flow and oxygen due to CPR.

Importance of Knowing How to Provide CPR

As mentioned above, CPR is a life-saving technique; everyone should know how to provide it. You never know when and how the need may arise. It can be your family members, friends, or even you yourself as well. In such a situation, if you know the process of CPR, you can definitely be a life-saver. Handling such a situation without being panicked is a tough task. But if you know how to handle it properly, it is much easier to help the victim until medical help arises.

What Do You Learn in This CPR Course?

This course is designed in such a way that it helps you to understand the whole process and related concepts thoroughly. The course introduces you to concepts involved in CPR and recognizing cardiac arrest. You get to know how to position the victim and check his pulse. Most importantly, you learn to provide compressions and ventilations to adults, infants, and children. You are also introduced to the ventilation equipment in this course. Thus, it is an exhaustive course that makes you eligible to handle the emergency situation of sudden cardiac arrest.

Opting for This Course

At MyCPR NOW, the manuals and exams are publicly accessible with the goal of spreading knowledge. Anyone can view all this material and use it as a reference. We don't charge you for using our study materials and taking our exams. Once you pass our exam, you can choose to get MyCPR NOW's certification for you. By following simple steps, you can opt for this course.

  • The first step is choosing a course or combination course you would like to study. You can take the exam after reviewing the training manual.
  • To pass this exam, you must give correct answers for a minimum of 80% of the questions. You can take your time for studying and taking tests. We want you to pass this exam with actionable knowledge. Only correct answers to the questions will not be of any help. So, we allow you to study again and retest as many times as required for no additional charge.
  • We do not require that you purchase.  But, if you do decide to buy, you will receive the certificate through email once you have passed your exam. You can also download it from our site's Certification Download Area at any time.

Pay Only if You Pass

We don’t want to put a price tag on saving lives. So you can go through our CPR training material free of cost. That's because we believe in spreading awareness about this life-saving technique. Hence, we are providing CPR training free of cost to anyone who wants it. You can try our course because we don’t charge for taking this training. And once you're convinced that this course is worth the certification cost, you can opt to pay for certification.

There are chances that some of you might not pass the exam on the first attempt. Don’t worry, there are no charges for failed test attempts. Learning the process of CPR is important, and there’s nothing like failing in this. We always make sure that you know the course stuff before we certify you. You will be confident about your life-saving skills by the time you complete the course.

So, if you want to opt for this course and save the lives of others, then contact us at MyCPR NOW!


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