First Aid & CPR for Dogs & Cats – Why You Should Know It

First Aid and CPR training are part of basic life support certification, or BLS, that individuals can take to learn how to save lives. Many individuals have family members with paws that also rely on us for safety and care. Looking into a free pet First Aid course or pet CPR certification can help you feel confident that you can provide care to all of your loved ones, even the ones with furry faces.  

Pet First Aid course online programs are offered by many organizations and community pet hospitals for pet owners to be even better pet owners with knowledge of general First Aid and CPR for pets. Having knowledge of First Aid and CPR for pets can help replace panic with functional skills in the event of a medical emergency. You will also learn when an animal should be taken to an emergency animal clinic and what situations can wait until morning when your regular veterinarian’s office is open. Knowing what to do and when can help save a pet’s life, can help lower vet bills, and can significantly improve recovery times for your injured pet. Our pets trust us and rely on us for medical care. Learning First Aid and CPR for dogs and cats is just another way that we can love our pets and help extend the length and quality of their lives.

Pet First Aid course online programs make it easy and convenient for anyone who wants to learn these lifesaving skills for pets. Online courses allow you to study when you have the time and also grants online access to a variety of different online learning tools to help you learn, study, and retain your newly learned skills.

Anyone who is interested in working in a veterinary office should be certified in First Aid and CPR for dogs and cats. Pet owners should also know what to do so that they can control a situation to prevent it from getting worse. Those minutes in-between the occurrence of the medical emergency and how quickly you are able to get emergency veterinary help can sometimes be the difference between life and death. Every minute counts!  Knowing what to do, what not to do and when to do it can help save your pet. 

Be the best pet owner you can be and take a First Aid and CPR class for dogs and cats today!


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